“To Kill a Mockingbird” Vocabulary

Alist (adj.) tilted to one side
Articulate (adj.) able to speak and express oneself
Attributes (n.) characteristics; qualities of a person or thing
Bout (n.) fight
Corncrib (n.) a small structure used to store corn
Crook (of his arm) (n.) the inside part of your arm where it bends at the elbow
Erratically (adv.) strangely; differently than normal
Feeble (adj.) weak; frail
Gingerly (adv.) carefully; cautiously
Inconspicuous (adj.) to not attract attention
Jew’s Harp (n.) a small musical instrument that is played by plucking a piece of metal while holding the instrument to one’s mouth
Mad Dog (adj. + n.) a dog infected with a disease, such as rabies, which makes it act in a crazy, dangerous manner
Mausoleum (n.) a large, imposing tomb (a tomb is a place where dead bodies–those that aren’t buried–are housed)
Peril (n.) danger
Providence (n.) the care of God
Rudiments (n.) principles; elements; subjects to be learned
Tartly (adv.) sharply
Torso (n.) the trunk of a body; that is, the part of the body that does not include the head, legs, or arms
Vaguely (adv.) to be unclear or not precise
Apoplectic (adj.) to behave as if on the verge of having a stroke
Arbor (n.) an outdoor area shaded by trees or, in this case, scuppernong vines on a lattice
Bedecked (adj.) adorned; covered (with decorations)
Calomel (n.) a laxative; often used as a cure for intestinal worms
Camellia (n.) a shrub with glossy evergreen leaves and waxy, rose-like flowers
Camisole (n.) a woman’s sleeveless undergarment, usually worn under a sheer blouse
Commence (v.) begin
Decree (v.) an official order
Degradation (n.) a state of low honor or moral character
Dog-Trot Hall (adj.) a covered passageway between two parts of a building
Escapade (n.) reckless prank
Essence (n.) fundamental nature; most important quality
Infuriated (v.) angered greatly
Interdict (n.) prohibition; restraint
Livid (adj.) pale; lead-colored; red, as in the color someone’s face gets when that person becomes angry
Oppresive (adj.) overbearing; hard to put up with
Palliate (n.) to lessen the pain, or, in this case, fear and anxiety, of something without actually making the fear and anxiety go away
Passé (adj.) old-fashioned
Philippic (n.) a bitter verbal attack
Plate (n.) dentures; dental plate
Propensities (n.) inclinations or tendencies
Reconnaissance (n.) examination
Rectitude (n.) uprightness of character
Relic (n.) something of historic interest that has survived from the past
Skulked (v.) to move or slink about in a sinister manner
Syringe (n.) a device with a rubber bulb on one end and a narrow tube on the other: used to inject or extract fluids from body cavities
Tirade (n.) a long angry speech
Tranquil (adj.) calm
Umbrage (n.) offense
Undulate (v.) to move in waves or in a wavy manner
Viscous (adj.) sticky
Alien (adj.) not natural; strange
Appalling (adj.) shocking; horrifying
Asafoetida (n.) a strong-smelling (like garlic) substance made from a parsley-like plant; often used in folk medicine to repel illness
Austere (adj.) stern and severe
Boded (v.) continued
Church (v.) to ban a person (usually temporarily) from church for any variety of misdeeds
Clad (v.) dressed
Contemptuously (adv.) to behave or speak toward someone and treat that person as if he or she is unworthy or beneath one’s dignity
Contentious (adj.) always ready to argue
Denounce (n.) to strongly disapprove of or condemn something
Diligently (adv.) industriously; in a hard-working manner
Dispelled (v.) driven away
Ecclesiastical Impedimenta (adj. + n.) items used during a church service
Frivolous (adj.) silly; not serious
Garish (adj.) showy, very bright or gaudy
Habiliments (n.) outfits; clothing
Inconsistent (adj.) not in agreement; incompatible
Indignantly (adv.) angrily
Lilac Talcum (adj.) lilac-scented talcum powder
Rotogravure Print (n.) a process of printing pictures; often photographs of pictures
Snuff (n.) a preparation of powdered tobacco, usually sniffed through the nose
Tapeworm (n.) a parasite that can live in a person’s intestines
Viole (adj.) a thin, cotton-like fabric

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