To Kill a Mockingbird vocab list 1

Assuage (definition) To lessen the intensity of; to ease, pacify, quiet, appease, qunch, relieve (ant.: exacerbate, intensify)
Assuage (part of speech) Verb
Dictum (definition) Formal authoritative pronouncement of a principle, proposition, or opinion (plural is dicta OR dictums)
Dictum (part of speech) Noun
Taciturn (definition) Tempermentally disinclined to talk; habitually quiet (ant.: garrulous, clamorous)
Taciturn (part of speech) Adjective
Repertoire (definition) List or supply of dramas, operas, pieces, etc. that a person is prepared to perform; supply of skills, etc. used in a particular field, occupation, or practice.
Repertoire (part of speech) Noun
Vapid (definition) Lacking liveliness, tang, briskness, or force; flat; uninteresting
Vapid (part of speech) Adjective
Malevolent (definition) Wishing ill will or hatred toward others.
Malevolent (part of speech) Adjective
Stealthy (definition) Slow, deliberate, and secret in action or character; furtive
Stealthy (part of speech) Adjective (note: stealthily=adverb; stealth=noun)
Predilection (definition) A preference for
Predilection (part of speech) Noun
Domicile (definition) Person’s home; abode
Domicile (part of speech) Noun (note: domiciled=verb)
Profane (definition) As adj., defiled; serving to defile what is holy
Profane (part of speech) (there are two) Adjective or verb
Nebulous (definition) Cloudy, hazy, foggy, indistinct
Nebulous (part of speech) Adjective
Foray (definition) As noun, sudden or irregular attack for war or spoils; raid
Foray (part of speech) (there are two) Noun or verb
Condescend (definition) (1) To descend to a less formal or dignified level; to stoop. (2) To assume an air of superiority
Condescend (part of speech) Verb
Indigenous (definition) Produced, growing, or living naturally in a particular area
Indigenous (part of speech) Adjective
Covey (definition) (1) A small flock (of birds) (2) Company; band (of people)
Covery (part of speech) Noun
Entail(ment) (definition) Legal term meaning, in this case, that one
Entail(ment) (part of speech) (there are two) Verb or noun
Sojourn (definition) as noun, a temporary stay
Sojourn (part of speech) (there are two) Verb or noun
Onslaught (definition) An especially fierce attack
Onslaught (part of speech) Noun
Expound (definition) (1) To set forth; to defend with argument (2) to make clear the meaning of, to explain
Expound (part of speech) Verb
Iniquity (iniquities) (definition) Wickedness; sin
Iniquity (iniquities) (part of speech) Noun
Contentious (definition) Argumentative, quarrelsome
Contentious (part of speech) Adjective
Fraught (definition) Filled (for ex.: “words fraught with meaning”)
Fraught (part of speech) Adjective
Monosyllabic (definition) Using or speaking only words of one syllable; conspiciuously brief in answering or explaining
Monosyllabic (part of speech) Adjective
Amiable (definition) Friendly, agreeable, generally pleasing
Amiable (part of speech) Adjective
Disapprobation (definition) Act or state of disapproving
Disapprobation (part of speech) Noun
Auspicious (definition) Promising good favor; favorable
Auspicious (part of speech) Adjective
Tacit (defintion) Implied or indicated but not actually expressed; unspoken
Tacit (part of speech) Adjective
Magisterial (definition) With a dignified, sedate, or pompous manner
Magisterial (part of speech) Adjective
Asinine (definition) Stupid; stubborn (of or relating to an ass)
Asinine (part of speech) Adjective
Quibble (quibbling) (definition) As verb, to evade or shift from the point (2) to bicker
Quibble (part of speech) (there are two) Verb or noun

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