To Kill a Mockingbird Vocab Chapters 5-8

Asinine (Ch. 5) stupid; silly ~”we were not to play an asinine game he had seen us playing.” (pg.65)
Edification (Ch. 5) education; instruction~”‘No,’ said Atticus, ‘putting his life’s history on display for the edification of the neighborhood” (pg. 65)
Bridgework (Ch. 5) made up of sections of replacement teeth that can be inserted and removed from one’s mouth.~”With a click of her tongue she thrust out her bridgework, a gesture of cordiality that cemented out friendship.” (pg.57)
Kudzu (Ch. 5) a quick-growing vine with large leaves, often found in the Southern United States.~”At first we saw nothing but a kudzu-covered front porch” (pg.68)
Waning (Ch. 5) becoming less bright, intense, or strong.~”In the waning moonlight I saw Jem swing his feet to the floor” (pg.74)
Inquisitive (Ch. 5) questioning; prying~”…he had the right to stay inside free from the attentions of inquisitive children…” (pg. 65)
Pulpit (Ch. 5) the raised platform or lectern from which a preacher speaks in church.~”My confidence in pulpit Gospel lessened at the vision of Miss Maudie stewing forever in various Protestant hells” (pg. 59)
Placid (Ch. 5) calm; quiet~”Jem said placidly, ‘We are going to give a note to Boo Radley.'” (pg. 62)
Dismemberment (Ch. 6) to tear or cut that person’s limbs (arms and legs) off~”Atticus saved Dill from immediate dismemberment (p. 73).”
Ramshackle (Ch. 6) loose or rickety; about to fall apart~”…a ramshackle porch ran the width of the house…(p. 70).”
Whittles (Ch. 7) to use a knife to cut away thin shavings of wood.~” ‘Who do we know around here who whittles (p. 80)?’ “
Palate (Ch. 7) the roof of one’s mouth~” ‘…chewing gum cleaved to her palate and rendered her speechless…(p. 82).’ “
Aberration (Ch. 8) a deviation, or a moving away from, something that is normal.~”Jem and I were burdened with the guilt of contributing to the aberrations of nature…(p. 85).”
Procured (Ch. 8) got~”Jem procured some peachtree switches from the back yard, plaited them….(p. 89).’ “
Switches (Ch. 8) slender twigs or branches~”Jem procured some peachtree switches from the back yard, plaited them….(p. 89).’ “
Cannas (Ch. 8) a beautiful tropical flower~”…the neighborhood seldom saw her, except when she watered her cannas (p. 85).”
Hermaphrodite (Ch. 8) an animal or plant that has both female and male reproductive organs~”‘…erected an absolute morphodite (hermaphrodite) in that yard (p. 91).’ “
Libel (Ch. 8) When you commit libel, you harm someone’s reputation.~” ‘You’ve perpetrated a near libel here in the front yard (p. 90).’ “
Taffeta (Ch. 8) a lustrous, stiff fabric, often used for women’s dresses, especially formal wear~”Soft taffeta-like sounds and muffled scurrying sounds filled me with helpless dread (pg. 92).”
Plaited (Ch. 8) braided~”Jem procured some peachtree switches from the back yard, plaited them….(p. 89).’ “

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