To Kill A Mockingbird Vocab 19-25

Expunge (Chap. 19) ~remove completely”Judge Taylor told the reporter to expunge anything he happened to have written down… (p.198 ).”
Grimly (Chap. 19) ~sternly; without humor”Mr. Gilmer smiled grimly at the jury (p.200 ).”
Impudent (Chap. 19) ~disrespectful; bold; sassy”‘Are you being impudent to me, boy (p.201 )?'”
Subtlety (Chap. 19) ~ delicacy”…I did not understand the subtlety of Tom’s predicament…(p.197).”
Aridity (Chap. 20) ~ dryness”His voice had lost its aridity… (p. ).”
Temerity (Chap. 20) ~foolish or rash boldness” ‘…And so a quiet, respectable, humble Negro who had the unmitigated temerity…(p. ).’ “
Acquit (Chap. 21) ~clear of a charge; find not guilty” ‘You think they’ll acquit him that fast (p. )?'”
Fatalistic (Chap. 22) ~ to accept the event as though it were inevitable; that is, that nothing could be done to change or alter it.”…recognizing Jem’s fatalistic noises…(p. ).”
Feral (Chap. 22) ~wild; savage”Jem made a feral noise in his throat (p. ).”
Heathen (Chap. 22) ~unenlightened; without religion or morals” ‘…can’t any Christian judges an’ lawyers make up for heathen juries…(p. 219 ).’ “
Wryly (Chap. 23) ~humorously; slightly sarcastic”Atticus smiled wryly (p.221 ).”
Bovine (Chap. 24) ~cow-like”…the soft bovine sounds of ladies munching their dainties. (p. )”
Brevity (Chap. 24) ~ shortness”When Miss Maudie was angry her brevity was icy (p.236 ).”
Charlotte (Chap. 24) ~a desert made with fruit in a mold that is lined with pieces of bread or cake. “She carried a tray of charlotte (p. 230).”
Impertinence (Chap. 24) ~ disrespect”…decided that I meant no impertinence…(p.233).”
Largo (Chap. 24) ~a direction used in music which means “at a very slow tempo.”” ‘Nothing, Jean Louise,’ she said in stately largo…(p. 234 ).”
Squalid (Chap. 24) ~miserable; wretched, filth”…I heard Mrs. Grace Merriweather giving a report in the livingroom on the squalid lives of the Mrunas…(p.231).”
Yaws (Chap. 24) ~an infectious contagious tropical disease”…they were crawling with yaws and earworms…(p.231).”
Roly-poly (Chap. 25) ~a small bug that can roll itself into a ball.”A roly-poly had found its way inside the house (p.241).”
Scowling (Chap. 25) ~a facial expression caused by scrunching up one’s forehead and brow”Jem was scowling (p.241).”
Veneer (Chap. 25) ~attractive outer surface”…but when it comes down to the line the veneer’s mighty thin (p.243).”

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