To Kill a Mockingbird Unit Test

Atticus Finch Maycomb county born and bred; he knew his people and they knew him. He was related to nearly every family in town
Charles Baker Harris He was right puny for goin on seven.
Miss Maudie Atkinson She was a widow, a chameleon lady who worked in her flower beds wearing an old straw hat and men’s overalls
Burris Ewell The filthiest human Scout had ever seen. His neck was dark grey and the backs of his hands were rusty
Mr. Walter Cunningham One of the leaders of the lynch mob
Zeebo Calpurnia’s son who “lines” hymns at First Purchase
Harper Lee Author of this novel
Mayella Ewell A terribly lonely person, lonelier than Boo Radley
Mr. Gilmer prosecuting attorney in the Robinson Case
Rachel Haverford Dill’s aunt
Mr. Underwood a newspaper publisher and editor
Dolphus Raymond a white man who prefers to live with Negroes
Alexandra Hancock very “proper” relative who comes to provide a feminine influence in the house
Great Depression time period of the novel, setting of extreme poverty
Touch the Radley house Dill dares Jem to do this early on in the novel
Read and write Miss Caroline is angry because Scout already knows how to do this
Trick Atticus teaches Scout Try to see situations from other people’s points of view
Laughing Scout is surprised to hear this after she falls out of the tire in front of the Radley house
Fire This happened to Maudie’s house in the middle of the night
Maudie’s description of Atticus “same in his house as he is on the public streets”
Unfair advantage the reason why Atticus gave up shooting
Morphine addiction What Jem’s reading helped Mrs. Dubose to free herself from
Lula Negro woman who doesn’t want Scout and Jem to come to First Purchase
Parents don’t care about him Why Dill feels he needs to run away
A lynching What Atticus goes to jail to prevent
People you know What Atticus says every mob in a little Southern town is made up of
A drinking problem What Mr. Dolphus Raymond is pretending to have to keep people away
Crippled arm Tom has this which ultimately is proof he could not beat up Mayella Ewell
Defending Tom Robinson This action by Atticus makes most of the town extremely mad
Right side Mr. Heck Tate testifies that Mayella was beaten on this side of her face
Stand up When Atticus leaves the courtroom, the Negroes all do this to honor him
Bob Ewell determined to “get” Atticus because he knows that no one really believed his story and he was made a fool of in the courtroom
Missionary tea ladies Are more interested in poverty in far off countries than in their own town
“Senseless slaughter” Underwood’s description of Tom’s death
Shot 17 times Shows the cruelty in how Tom Robinson was killed
Hitler Miss Gates is pleased about Tom’s verdict but condemns this man
Ham costume Ultimately saves Scout’s life during Ewell’s attack
Background Aunt Alexandria says this is how long your family has been squatting on one piece of land
Mockingbird A sin to kill one of these, represents Tom Robinson and Boo Radley
Disapprobation Disapproval
Acrid strong or sharp to the taste or smell
Compelled to feel forced
Benevolence acts of kindness
Impervious incapable of being affected or injured
Luminous giving off light
Static stationary, not moving or changing
Predilection to have a preference towards something
Vexations irritations
Fractious unruly or irritable
Illicitly illegally, not permitted
Ambled a slow easy pace
Contemptuous showing or expressing hatred
Strictures Criticisms
Mortifying humiliating/shameful
Inarticulate unable to be expressed
Elephantine enormous
Ludicrous absurd
Quaver to shake
Enterprise a project undertaken
Theme: Social Equality -the lack of equality for blacks, separate churches, sitting in the balcony of the courthouse, Tom’s conviction despite his innocence
Theme: Good vs. Evil Atticus vs. Bob Ewell and the town, Boo vs. his community, Tom vs. the white citizens of Maycomb
Theme: Innocence and Corruption Scout seeing the world through unbiased eyes, Boo Radley hiding away from the corruption of the world
Theme: Courage and Morality Courage: Mrs. Dubose fighting off her addiction to die free, Morality: Atticus doing the right thing by defending Tom Robinson

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