To Kill a Mockingbird Unit Exam

aunt alexander comes to live with the finch’s to give them a strong maternal influence
miss maudie friends with scout; makes jem, dill, and scout cakes; house burns down
atticus scout and jem’s father; laywer in the tm robinson case
calpurnia chef in the finch’s home; good with scout and jem
miss stephanie town gossip; allowed miss maudie to live with her
mr.cunningham father to walter cunning; he goes to jail the night the men tried to kill tom robinson; is against tom robinson because of scout
walter cunningham does not have money for lunch; goes to scout and jem’s house for dinner
link deas gives tom robinson’s wife, helen, a job as a cook
mrs. dubose morphy addict, mean to jem and souct; jem has to red to her
bob ewell father of mayella ewell; aganist tom robinson; accuses tom robinson for raping his daugther
burris ewell ignorant; curses at teacher; shows up the first day of school only
mayella ewell say’s that tom robinson had rape and beaten her up
miss caroline scout’s teacher; doesn’t like how scout knows how to read or write
francis hancook souct’s and jem’s ignorant cousin
charles baker harris nickname is dill; socut’s and jem’s friend; visits in the summer; has a crush on scout
miss rachel one of the ladies in the circle; gossip girl; dill’s aunt
cecil jacobs tries to scare souct and jem; the night of the attack
lula rude lady that gets into fight with calpurnia at church
arthur radley boo radley’s brother; fills in tree
nathan radley boo radley; recluse; stays inside
dolphus raymond has a black wife and mixed children; gives dill a soda
reverend skyes pastor at calpurnia’s and tom robinson’s chruch
heck tate bob ewell’s witness
mr. underwood reporter
mr.gilmer defended bob ewell

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