To Kill a Mockingbird Timeline Review

Jem Destroys Mrs. Dubose’s camillia bushes. Spring
For the first time, Scout sees snow. Close to November 21
Mrs. Merriweather scolds Scout for ruining her pageant. October
Boo Radley cloaks Scout in a warm blanket. Close to Christmas
Jem and Scout find two dolls carved out of Soap. Summer
Cecil Jacobs scares Jem and SCout in the field. October
Miss Caroline spots head lice on Burris Ewell. September
The ladies of Maycomb meet to discuss missionary work in Africa. August
Bob Ewell dies under a tree behind Boo Radley’s house October
Mr. Underwood writes a compelling editorial about Tom Robinson. After August
Bob Ewell creeps around Judge Taylor’s house. Nearly October
Scout fights with Francis Christmas
Atticus kills Tim Johnson with one shot. February
An adult Scout tells us the story about how her brother’s arm was broken. Years Later
Jem retrieves his pants. Late Spring
Tom Robinson arrested for raping Mayella Ewell. November 21
Jem and Scout meet Dill Harris, who brags that he can read. Early Summer
Aunt Alexandra moves into the Finch home. Late Spring, Early Summer
Reverend Sykes helps the kids find a seat in the crowded courthouse. Summer
Mr. Nathan Radley cements over the knot hole. October
The jury sees that Tom Robinson’s left arm is mangled. Summer
Bob Ewell spits in Atticus’s face. Summer

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