To Kill A Mockingbird theme quotes

Growing up- Scout grows up learning valuable lessons from the people around her ‘you never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view’
Growing up- Jem begins to learn compassion and responsibility ‘Then he rose and broke our only remaining code of childhood’
Growing up- Jem is able to see the human side of Boo and when he finds it the games stop ‘Im beginning to understand why Boo stays shut up in his house for so long’
Growing Up- Jem is starting to stick up for what he believes is right ‘Jem shook his head. As Atticus fists went to his hips, so did Jem’s’
Growing Up- Scout learns not to discriminate against others ‘Most people are when you finally see them’
Growing Up- Jem is more mature in both ours and the adults eyes ‘Jem and Francis sat with the adults at the dinning table’
Feminity- Jem uses ‘girl’ as an insult to get scout to do things ‘I declare to the lord your getting more like a girl everyday’
Feminity- Scout doesn’t fit in as a typical Southern Belle ‘one could be a ray of sunshine in pants’
Feminity- The hobbies associated with certain gender roles are fixed in Maycomb ‘Boys don’t cook, I laughed at the thought’
Feminity- Scout is constantly being pressured to fit in as a Southern Belle ‘You wan’t to grow up a lady don’t you?
Feminity- In Maycomb woman are regarded as fragile and delicate ‘There’s been a request that this courtroom be cleared of spectators or at least women and children’
Courage- Atticus is very courageous when he shoots the mad dog ‘Atticus hand yanked the ball tipped lever as he brought the gun to his shoulder’
Courage- Ms Dubose refuses to die a morphine addict even though it would have caused her a lot less pain ‘I wanted you to get an idea of what really courage is,instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand’
Courage- Jem shows courage when he tell on Dill even though he knows that both Dill and Scout will hate him for it ‘Then he rose and broke our only remaining code of childhood’
Justice- When it comes to a black man’s word against a white’s, it clear who the people of Maycomb are going to believe ,Scout is able to see this as well ‘Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella opened her mouth and screamed’
Justice- Heck Tate believes that what happened to Bob Ewell was justice for leading to Tom’s death ‘Just this once. Let the dead bury the dead.’
Justice- Jem has a strong sense of justice ‘How could they do it? How could they?’
Justice- Atticus believes that justice will have a way with catching up to the poeple of Maycomb ‘Don’t fool yourselves- it’s all adding up… one of these days were going to pay the bill for it.’
Justice- Atticus highlights the importance of justice in court rooms ‘In our courts all men are created equal’
‘You haven’t even seen this town, but all you gotta do is step into that court house.’
Prejudice- The main prejudice shown in the novel is racial prejudice
Prejudice- Nearly everyone is prejudice towards Boo Radley ‘He dined on raw squirrels and any cats he could catch’
Prejudice- There are also forms of Gender prejudice ‘Miss Maudie can’t serve on a jury because she is a women’
Prejudice- Aunt Alexandra is prejudice to Walter Cunningham and refuses to let him come round ‘You can scrub Walter Cunningham till he shines, you can put him in new shoes… but he will never be like Jem’
Prejudice- There is a lot of prejudice to Dolphus Raymond who pretends to be drunk ‘I try to give them a reason you see. It helps folks if they can latch onto a reason’
Courage- Atticus shows a lot of courage when he takes Tom Robbinsons case ‘It’s when you know your licked before you begin but you begin anyway’
Innocence- After the trial Jem seems to loose some of his innocence ‘Im beginning to understand why Boo Radley stayed shut up in his house all the time’
Innocence- Tom is seen as the main symbol of innocence in the book mainly because he didn’t not rape Mayella ‘Seventeen bullet holes in him. They didn’t have to shot him that much’
Innocence- Boo can also be seen innocent and child like ‘ He almost whispered it. In the voice of a child who was afraid of the dark’
Innocence- Dill innocence is highlighted when he speaks of Helens reaction to Tom’s death ‘Fell down in the dirt like a giant with a big foot just came along and stepped on her’
Family- In Maycomb if one member of the family does wrong so do the rest of the family ‘ We’ll never be able to walk the streets of Maycomb again. He’s ruinin the family that’s what he doin
‘the longer that a family had been squatting on one patch of grass the finer it was’
Atticus see’s family as something that runs deeper then blood ‘I couldn’t have got along without her all these years. She’s a faithful member of this family’
Aunt Alexndra truly cares for her brother ‘It tears him to pieces. He doesn’t show it much.’

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