To Kill A Mockingbird Study Questions Chapter 3

What does Scout do to make Calpurnia furious? What lesson does Calpurnia teach Scout? Scout made rude comments to Walter Cunningham when he pours molasses over his food. She made Walter feel bad. Calpurnia says that all guest should be treated kindly no matter who they are.
Who are the Ewells, and why are they treated differently than others? Identify the “certain privileges” they get. They do not work and are dishonest people. The Ewells are common folk that were allowed certain privileges. They don’t have to go to school and can hunt out of season.
Compare the education levels to Scout, Walter Cunningham, and Buris Ewell. How do these comparisons emphasize the relationship between the class and education? Scout was encouraged to read and write, Walter has to help on the farm and misses a lot of his lessons, Buris does not get a good education at all because he doesn’t have to go to school at all. Scouts family, unlike the Cunningham’s and Ewell value education.
What important lesson does Atticus teach Scout about understanding people? How might this lesson help her? He tells her that she’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks when she consider things from their point of view. He said, “until you climb into their skin and walk around in it.”
What compromise does Atticus make with Scout at the end of the chapter? The compromise was, “if Scout will concede the necessity of going to school, they will go on reading.

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