To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide Questions Chapters 18-21

What was Mayella’s account of the incident with Tom Robinson? She said that she asked him to chop up a chiffarobe, and then he jumped her from behind and choked her while she screamed and struggled, and then he raped her.
What was Tom’s side of the story? He said that this didn’t even happen recently, that he had chopped up a chiffarobe last year, and that he helped Miss Mayella often. Last year, he had done to chop it up but Mayella came onto him and kissed him, and Bob Ewell caught them so he ran away.
What was Tom’s handicap? Why was it important to his case? He had a shriveled and crippled arm, which meant that he couldn’t have choked Mayella and made the hand-print bruises around her neck.
What do Dill and Scout learn from Mr. Raymond? That people aren’t always what they seem.
What were Atticus’ closing remarks to the jury? He said to put all of their biases aside and judge the case fairly, so that their ruling might be fair and true.
What was the jury’s verdict? They pronounced Tom guilty.

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