To kill a mockingbird reading guide

In what state does the novel take place? Maycomb, Alabama
What does the children’s father, Atticus Finch, do for a living? Lawyer – only lawyer for a lot of towns, refuses to do criminal law
From whose point of view will the story be told? Scout, Jean Louise
Who is Calpurnia? Describe her personality. She is the finches maid, cares about the family, has dry humor, lots of wisdom, is self-sufficient, stern, runs the house, has been with family since before Scout was born, is part of the family, and Atticus has a lot of trust for her
What game does Dill invent? The Radley games, and the plays
What did Arthur (Boo) Radley do that landed him temporarily in the county jail? Joined the wrong crowd, did something bad with these boys, the judge let’s Boo go because Mr. Radley promised that he wouldn’t get in any more trouble
How does Jem describe Boo’s physical appearance? He is 6 1/2 feet tall, has a scar on his face, and has rotten teeth, looks like a ghost, like a monster
What act of courage on Jem’s part ends the first chapter? He touches the Radley’s house as a dare from Dill
Given what you know, from the first chapter, about the Radley Family, why don’t the Radleys seem to fit in? They don’t fit in because they don’t come out of the house, and they’re private about their life
Review the information about Dill. What kind of person is he? He is creative, smart, and is visiting with family (Miss Rachel)
On her first day of school, why does Scout get in trouble? List 3 things She stands up for Walter, she knew how to read, and she got caught writing a letter to Dill
What do Scout’s errors tell you about her first six years of life? She’s tries to defend people like her father, and she has no trouble telling people if they’re doing something wrong, she’s very blunt
How does Miss Caroline Fisher feel at the end of her first day? How do you know? She feels like she has failed, the way the book talks about her and how she couldn’t keep control of the class, overwhelmed, angry
Describe the Cunningham family. One of the poorest families and Maycomb, they don’t except anything that they can’t repay
How does Scout solve her problem with Walter Cunningham? She starts beating him up in the schoolyard
How does Jem solve Scout’s problem with Walter Cunningham? He invites Walter over for lunch, he pulls the kids a part (says they are friends, it’s a friendly invite)
Why can’t Walter Cunningham pass the first grade? He has to help his dad chop wood so he can’t go to school in the spring
What scared and shocked Miss Caroline? Burris had lice in his hair, he doesn’t get bathed regularly, and he is an angry boy
When Scout questions Walters table manners, you learn something about Cal’s place in the family. What do you learn? She’s allowed to punish the children, she’s part of the family, and Atticus really trust her
What character traits have you noticed that are likely to make scouts life hard? She is clueless, stubborn, expressive, outspoken, and self-centered
What is the first gift that appears in the hollow tree? Gum
What new facts does Dill offer about his father? Dill’s father was taller than Atticus, has a long black beard, and is the president of the L and N Railroad
How has the Boo Radley game changed? There actually acting, and adds dialect
When Scout rolls into the Radley front yard in the tire, what does she hear? She heard someone in the house laughing/giggling, not someone creepy, someone who enjoys watching them play
How is Jem changing? Give several specific ways He excepts every challenge, fearless, respects and kids come over protective of scout, caring and perspective changes
What does Scout admire about Ms. Maudie? She’s kind, honest, loving, patient, understanding, always tells the truth, her friend, doesn’t gossip, respects people, her flowers, and her cakes
What do you learn about uncle Jack? He is funny, successful, Dr., left Alabama, close friends with Ms. Maudie
What new plan do the boys devise to get Boo to come out? Why doesn’t it work? It is a note on a fishing line, The line is harder to maneuver than expected, the pole wasn’t long enough, and Atticus sees them
What does Dill say that causes Scout to accuse him of lying? His dad doesn’t have a beard, and Scout hurts his feelings
What direct order does Atticus give the children? He tells them to stop tormenting Mr. Radley, don’t bother them, and stop the plays
How did the children plan to spend dill’s last night in Maycomb? Going to Boos house and look through the window and sneak into the yard
What goes wrong with the children’s escape plan? Mr. Radley hear something outside, goes outside to shoot up in the air to protect his garden, not to hurt anyone
At whom does Mr. Nathan think he has fired his gun? Colored boy
How do the children claim to have spent the evening? Playing strip poker
What makes Jem decide to return to the Radley Place? He needs his pants back so he does;t lose Atticus’s respect
What makes Jem and Scout begin to “part company”? Jem is more of a protector than a friend, different levels of maturity
When does the 7th chapter take place? 2 am, middle of the night
What ages are the children in chapter 7? 7 and 11
What does Jem tell Scout about “that night” at Boo Radley’s? He went back to the Radley’s house to get his pants and they were all nice and clean as if someone knew he was going to come back
What new gifts do they find in a knothole? (there are 5) carved soap figures of Jem and Scout, spelling bee medal, old pocket watch, twine, and a knife
What ends the knothole gifts? Nathan Radley covers it with cement
Why do you think Mr. Radley filled in the knothole of a healthy tree? He found out about the gifts so he was trying to cut off communication with Arthur
Why do you think Jem cries at the end of chapter 7? He is upset about the communication being cut off, he is starting to see the situation from the Radley’s point of view
Who dies this winter? Mrs. Radley
What “aberration of nature” frightens Scout? A harsh winter
What method does Jem devise to make a snowman? Mud and snow
When Maudi’s house begins to burn, what other possibility is the Finch family worried about? They worry about what other disasters are going happy next and whether it will affect them
Given what you know about Miss Maudie, explain her reaction to the loss of her house. She didn’t show emotion. In fact, she hated the house and said she thought about setting it on fire hundreds of times, she was able to spend more time in her garden
Who is Tom Robinson? African-American man who Atticus defends for raping a white woman
What does Atticus say about the case? He took it because Tom is human just like the rest of us and knows he isn’t guilty
What gift does Uncle Jack give the children? Air rifles
What new habit has Scout picked up that bothers Uncle Jack? swearing
What does cousin Francis tell Scout about Dill’s home life? He doesn’t have a home and he moves around from family member to family member
Why does Scout fight her cousin after the Christmas dinner at Finch’s landing? Francis was taunting his dad about the case
What is “Maycomb’s usual disease”? Going “stark raving mad and when anything involving a negro comes up”
In Scouts eyes, what is Atticus’s chief fault? He is old, feeble, and isn’t up to date with what the kids are doing
What reason does Uncle Jack give for Atticus’ unwillingness to teach kids to shoot? He was never interested in guns
What crisis shows the children a surprising skill their father possesses? A mad dog came, running up the street and he shot it with one shot displaying his accuracy with a gun
Who is Heck Tate? The sheriff of Maycomb who is a decent man who only wants justice
What is Atticus’ old nickname? One-shot Finch
How does Jem feel about Atticus after the dog incident? He respects him more and looks at him more as a man than a father

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