To Kill A Mockingbird Reading Check Questions

How old was Jem when he got his arm broken 13
Where did Atticus practice law? Montgomery, Alabama
At the beginning of the story, how old is Scout? 6
At the beginning of the story, how old is Jem? 10
How old was Scout when her mother died? 2
At the beginning of the story, is Atticus detached? Yes
What is Dill’s real name? Charles Baker Harris
How old is Dill at the beginning of the story? 7
Where does Dill live? Meridian, Mississippi
Why does he come to Maycomb every summer? To visit his Aunt Rachel
What is one of the town myth? Boo stabbed his father in the leg with scissors
Who touches the Radley house after a dare at the end of Chapter 1? Jem
Who is Scout’s first grade teacher? Ms. Caroline
When Scout enters 1st grade, what can she already do? Read and write
Who did Scout learn to write from? Calpurnia
Where is Ms. Caroline from? Northern part of Alabama
What does Ms. Caroline offer Walter Cunningham? A quarter
What does Ms. Caroline use to punish Scout? A ruler (six times)
True or False: The Finches live in Meridian, Alabama False
True or False: Simon Finch, Scout’s father, sells cotton False
True or False: By the time Scout enters 1st grade, she is able to read and write. True
True or False: The Cunningham’s were not harshly affected by the Depression False
True or False: The Ewells are notorious for coming to school the first day and never returning. True
True or False: Mr. Ewell is allowed to hunt out of season True
True or False: Scout finds some gum in a hole in a tree on the school playground. False
True or False: Because Dill, Scout and Jem are tired of role-playing old games, they develop a game that mimics the Radley family. True
I am Jem’s sister Scout
I practice criminal law Atticus
I taught Scout to write Calpurnia
I touched the Radley house on a dare Jem
I visit my Aunt Rachel almost every summer Dill
I don’t have enough money to pay people in cash Walter Cunningham
I don’t appreciate Scout’s ability to read and write Ms. Caroline
I come to school the first day, but likely will not return Burris Ewell
I am the youngest son in the most mysterious family in town Boo Radley
I find things in a tree knot Scout
True or False: Chapter 6 begins on Dill’s last night before heading back to Meridian. True
True or False: Scout though it was a great idea for her, Jem and Dill to sneak over to the Radley’s house. False
True or False: Scout, Jem and Dull made it safely into Boo’s house. False
True or False: Mr. Radley shot Jem with a shotgun. False
True or False: Dill made up a story in an effort to explain Jem’s missing pants. He told Atticus that they were playing strip poker True
True or False: Jem was unsuccessful in retrieving his pants from the fence False
True or False: Atticus did not wake up while Jem was gone from bed. True
True or False: When Chapter 7 begins, Scout felt that the 2nd grade was much better than 1st grade. False
True or False: When Jem went back for his pants at the Radley fence, he found that they were neatly folded on the fence and sewed up. True
True or False: Jem and Scout discover both gray twine and miniature figures in the tree hole. True
True or False: The children decide to write a thank you note to whoever is leaving them gifts in the tree. True
True or False: It snowed in Maycomb county, but the kids were not able to make a snow man because the snow was too watered down. False
Whose house burned down in Chapter 8? Ms. Maudie
Someone placed what on Scout during the fire? A blanket
Who filled the tree knot at the end of Chapter 8? Nathan Radley
What was the animal that Atticus states it was a sin to kill? A mockingbird
True or False: At the beginning of Chapter 10, Jem and Scout describe Atticus as a very athletic man who loves to hunt and stay active? False
True or False: Atticus is successfully able to shoot the wild dog? True
True or False: All the members of Calpurnia’s church could read? False
True or False: The church hymn books were a gift from the town’s mayor. False
The church collection in Chapter 12 was particularly for who? The Robinson’s
Who was sitting on the porch at the end of Chapter 12? Aunt Alexandra
True or False: Aunt Alexandra was in favor of Scout going to Calpurnia’s house the following Sunday? False
True or False: Scout found a snake under her bed? False
Why did Dill run away? He felt ignored by his parents.
True or False: A group of men came to the Finch house to speak with Atticus about the Tom Robinson case. This did not make Scout and Jem uneasy at all. False
True or False: When Scout ran in to break up the mob at the jailhouse, one of the members she recognized by Walter Cunningham’s father. True
Who said this, “Had you covered all the time, Atticus.” Mr. Underwood
True or False: Tom testified that he helped Mayella several times over the course of the last year with odd jobs. True
True or False: Tom testified that Mayella was the one who made inappropriate advances towards him. True
Who cried at the end of Chapter 19 and needed to go outside to settle down? Dill
True or False: Mayella testified that her father never abused her in her life. True
True or False: When Tom Robinson stood up, it was clear that he had two strong arms False
True or False: Dolphus Raymond spotted Jem and Scout in the balcony and quickly ran up to tell Atticus that they were there. False
True or False: Jem and Scout were not allowed to stay at the courthouse and hear the final verdict. False
True or False: Very few citizens of Maycomb stayed to hear the verdict. They had better things to do. False
True or False: Tom Robinson was found guilty. True
True or False: Atticus’s response to Bob Ewell was to hit him with his right fist. False
True or False: Atticus was pleased with the fact that the jury took as long at they did to make their decision. True
True or False: At the end of Chapter 23, Jem feels more like a baby than ever. He thought he was growing up, but quickly decided that he was still a little boy! False
True or False: After Scout spent some time with the women, she came to a conclusion that many women were hypocrites. True
True or False: Wr find out that Atticus was successfully able to repeal Tom’s case. It looked as if Tom was going to be coming home. True
Who came with Atticus and Calpurnia to Helen Robinson’s house? Jem and Dill
True or False: Mr. Underwood made sure to write a nasty editorial in the Maycomb paper. True
True or False: At the beginning of chapter 26, Jem started to play football and proved to be the star of the team. False
True or False: Cecil Jacob’s current event was about Hitler and his discrimination of Jews. True
True or False: By the end of the chapter, Scout came to the conclusion that Miss. Gates was a hypocrite. True
Who is Scout’s third grade teacher? Miss Gates
What does Miss Gates teach Scout’s class? Democracy
True or False: Aunt Alexandra was much to concerned about these events than Atticus was. True
True or False: Scout had to dress up like a cow for the Halloween pageant. False

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