To Kill A Mockingbird quotations Chapter 19

Tom Robinson’s character pg 196 I had to serve’ cause I couldn’t pay the fine
Tom Robinson’s character pg 197 Please suh? … yes suh
Tom Robinson’s character pg 198 And I knowed she didn’t have any nickels to spare
Mayella’s character pg 198 Mayella Ewell must have been the lonliest person in the world
Mayella’s character, theme of racism pg 198 She was as sad as, what Jem called, a mixed child
Tom Robinson’s character pg 198 Tom Robinson was the only person ever decent to her
Tom Robinson’s character pg 199 If he had been whole he would have been a fine specimen of a man
Mayella’s character pg 199 Took me a slap year to save seb’m nickels, but I done it
Mayella’s character pg 200 She never kissed a grown man before an’ she might as well kiss a ******
Mayella’s character pg 200 What her papa do to her don’t count
Tom Robinson’s character pg 201 Tom swallowed again and his eyes widened. “Something not fit for these folks’ chillun to hear-“
Tom Robinson’s character pg 201 Sure sign of guilt
Tom Robinson’s character pg 201 Mr Finch if you were a ****** like me you’d be scared too
Atticus’ character pg 202 Judge Taylor looked daggers at Atticus, but he had ducked his head and was laughing into his lap
Mr Gilmer’s character pg 203 Strong enough to choke the breath out of a woman and sling her to the floor?
Mr Gilmer’s character pg 203 You did all this chopping and work from sheer goodness, boy?
The trial pg 203 But the damage was done
Dill’s character pg 205 Hasn’t anybody ft any business talking’ like that- it just makes me sick

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