To Kill a Mockingbird Puzzle

Novel’s narrator Scout
Girl who claimed she was raped Mayella
Boy who visits his Aunt Rachel Dill
Neighborhood Recluse Boo Radley
Black man accused of rape Tom Robinson
Pastor of the Negro church Rev. Sykes
Uneasy spirits manifested s patches of warm air Hot Steams
Last name of father and son who are both named Walter Cunningham
Scout and Jem’s uncle Jack
Scout and Jem’s cousin Frances
Last name of man with children of mixed race Raymond
Town newspaper Maycomb Tribune
Where neighborhood recluse lives Radley House
Black people’s church First Purchase
Scout and Jem’s father Atticus
Relative who comes to live with Scout and Jem Aunt Alexandra
Woman who breaks a morphine addiction Dubose
Building where Trial takes place Courthouse
Room where Trial takes place Courtroom
Building Atticus guards Jail
Finch family homestead Finch’s Landing
First name of recluse’s older brother Nathan
Finches’ black cook and housekeeper Calpurnia
Cook’s oldest son Zeebo
Mad Dog Tim Johnson
Newspaper Editor Mr. Underwood
Where attack on the children takes place Auditorium
What Jem makes and Scout calls a Morphodite Snowman
Clan that lives by the garbage dump Ewell
Sheriff’s first name Heck
Boy who loses pants Jem
New first-Grade teacher Miss Caroline
Neighborhood gossip Miss Stephanie
Widow who loves gardening Maudie
What Atticus shoots Mad dog
People who find Tom guilty Jury
What everyone comes to town for Trial
The town Maycomb
What Jem and Scout are told not to shoot Mockingbird
Presiding judge who chews cigars Taylor

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