To Kill A mockingbird Places

Finch’s landing Large, family home that sits in a bluff. Ancestor built the home, aunt Alexandra, Uncle Jack, and Francis live there.
First purchase Church Calpurnia’s church. Run by reverend Sykes. African American church of Maycomb.
Ewell House. Mayella’s influence. Home near Maycomb dump. Yard and house is not taken care. At the edge of the yard, she plants red geraniums.
Maycomb Setting of the book, old, small town in Alabama where everyone knows everybody and where old families are rooted.
The setting Maycomb, Alabama. The Great Depression.
Oak Tree at Radley House On the right of the lot, where the kids pass each day on their way to school. The kids find soap, gum, and other treasures before Nathan Radley plugs the knothole.
Radley House Three houses south from the finch’s. On the corner, behind the schoolhouse. Home to Nathan and boo Radley. Seems old and not cared for.

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