To kill a mockingbird part 2 test

How does Jem change? Jem is growing up. He is trying to be like atticus, and trying to put behind him childish games and youthful pranks. Consequently, he is moody sometimes and occasionally seems to lord his authority over scout
Lula was the woman at calpurnias church who made scout and jem feel unwelcome
Zeebo cals son, makes them feel welcome
reverend sykes makes jem and scout feel welcome, preacher at cals church
what does scout learn about calpurnia cal leads a double life, acts like black people arounds blacks and more like white people around whites scout thinks this is interesting
who was waiting for the children when they came home from the church service? aunt alexandra was waiting and was there because she was staying at the finches and was going to help out
“aunt alexandra fitted into the world of Maycomb like a hand in a glove, but never into the world of Jem and me..” values systems are different, two don’t understand each other
atticus and aunt alexandra disagree about how to deal with the children. How does atticus handle the situation? Atticus makes them obey alexandra, but lets them know that their relationship with him will always be the same as always . appeases alexandra when he can, but puts his foot down on major issues.
describe jem and scouts relationship through the book they grow apart, but not really. Still very close and come together when their pride is at stake
why did dill run away from home back to may comb? dill’s parents did not spend time with him. dill felt unneeded
What did Mr.Heck Tates mob want? they wanted to make sure atticus and tom were going to be alright
What was the purpose of Walter Cunningham’s mob? they wanted to get tom robinson to inflict their own justice upon him, they were willing to beat up atticus
Why did Walter Cunningham’s mob leave? scout shamed them, it made cunningham and others realize that they were individuals, neighbors, and that they really didn’t want to hurt atticus or anyone else
Mr. Dalphus Raymond a white man who married a colored woman and lived with the black community, jem thought that he was always drunk, but it was an act
Tom Robinson supposedly raped mayella ewell-bobs daughter
bob ewell mayellas drunk father
mr glimer prosecuting attorney
judge taylor the judge for toms trial
what was the importance of mayellas bruises primarily being on the right side of her face it proved that a left handed person beat mayella
what ws mayellas account of the incident with tom she said that she asked tom to come into the yard to break up a chiffarobe. when she went into the house to get him a nickel he had followed her in and grabbed her around the neck and hit her. he “chunked her on the floor and chocked n took advantage of (her)” her father came in and was standing over, and then she fainted
what was toms side of the story mayella asked tom to come fix the hinges on the door in the house mayella had saved up enough nickels to send all of the out for ice cream so she and tom would be alone. she asked tom to climb up on the chair, as he stood there, she grabbed him around the legs. when he hoped off of the chair, she jumped on him and kissed him on the side of the face. tom wanted out and pushed her out of the way. mayella wasn’t hurt. he ran away before mr.ewell could catch him
what was toms handicap? why was it important to his case? toms left arm had been rendered useless in an accident, he could not have bruised mayellas right side and wouldn’t have physically been able to force himself onto mayella
what do dill and scout learn from mr. raymond dill and scout learn that people aren’t always as they appear to be. he lives that way because he chooses to, people don’t accept that so he gives them a reason to accept his behavior.
what atticus’s closing remarks to jury no medical evidence, that the only evidence was the questionable testimony of two witnesses, painted a picture of mayella as a victim of poverty and ignorance, a lonely young woman who tempted and kissed a negro and then had to get rid of him, the evidence of her crime against society’s unspoken laws , he tried to remind the jury of thomas jeffersons famous speech “all men are created equal” and that their jury was to give to give a fair trail to the defendant
what was the jurys verdict the jury found tom robinson guilty
why did jem cry at the end on the trial jem cried because he was shocked at the injustice of the jury, people from his own town, which he had always considered above such prejudice
what was “round the backstops” when calpurnia came in on monday morning the black community left food as a thank you for defending tom
what the significance of maudies two littles cakes and one large one two little cakes for scout and dill, one big slice for jem because mr maudie excepted jem as a young man no longer a boy
bob ewells meeting at the post office bob spat in toms face and wanted to fight atticus, atticus just said he was too old to fight, and he walked away. bob threatened to get even
why does alexandra not want scout to play with walter cunningham? alexandra thinks the cunning hams are trash because they don’t have the background of the finches
jem said ” i think I’m beginning to understand why boo radley stayed shut up in the house all this time.. its because he wants to stay inside”. why does he say that because jem understands the complexity of life and the prejudice and racism in maycomb (maturing)
mrs. merry weather of the missionary circle complains about her cooks and field hands what does this say about her cares about the africans in africa but not in her own backyard, she is just as prejudice as everyone else. HYPOCRIT
What happened to tom robinson when he went to the prison tom was shot when he tried to escape
what do we learn about alexandra when she learns about toms death alexandra is huminized, more rounded, and shows concern for her brother. takes toms death difficultly yet gathers herself and carries on with her guests
what did mr.underwoods editorial say he compared toms death to the slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children
what was scouts fantasy regarding boo she daydreamed the boo would be sitting in the swing and they would chat as if they knew each other their whole lives, she wanted him to be “normal” like everyone else on the street
“thats the difference between america and germany. we are a democracy and germany is a dictatorship… We don’t believe in persecuting anybody. Persecution comes from people who are prejudiced.” what does the tell us about mrs gates scout heard her say ” its time somebody taught em a lesson. they were getting way above themselves, and the next thing they think they can do is marry us.” mrs gates is a hypocrite and does not realize that she is just a prejudice as hitler was, but for a different group of people.
what happened to judge taylor after the trial someone (bob ewell, probably) was breaking into his house when the judge and his dog frightened him away
what happened to helen robinson when going to work the ewells harassed her when she used the public road, so she went the other way. mr link deas followed her home one day and threatened the ewells, after that she had no trouble
what was scouts part in the pageant she was a ham
why did scout and jem not leave the school until everyone else had gone scout was embarrassed because she fell asleep, came on stage late during the pageant and ruined mrs.merriweathers program
what happened to scout and jem on the way home from the pageant someone attacked them, scout got tangled in her costume, someone knocked out jem there was a struggle, and scout saw someone carry jem home
who saved jem and scout boo radley
who killed bob ewell boo radley
why did heck tate insist that bob fell on his own knife because he didn’t want to trag boo (hero) into a public nasty ordeal. he thought it would be better if he “let the dead bury the dead”
why did scout make boo walk her to his house “if mrs stephanie crawford was watching from her upstairs window, she would see arthur radley escorting her down the sidewalk, as any gentleman would do.” so that boo appeared normal and mrs stephanie didn’t have anything to gossip about
as scout leaves the radley porch, she looks out at the neighborhood and recounts the events of the last few years from the radleys perspective, why is this important? shows that scout truly understands atticus’s lesson about putting yourself into someone else’s shoes and signifies her maturity
why does cals church sing the hymns by “lining”? because they do not have enough money to be a lot of song books
how does atticus respond to alexandras suggestion that they don’t need cal anymore atticus tells her that she is as part of the family as anyone else
the initial sign of jems maturing told atticus dill was in scouts room
where was mr underwood the time atticus was visiting tom in jail he was in the upstairs quarters of the jail ready to fire with a shotgun if things got out of hand
what is dills latest plan to get boo radley to come out to leave a trail of candy so boo would follow it like ants.
why does jem say the mixed children are sad because the whites don’t accept them because they are associated with blacks, and blacks don’t accept them because they are associated with whites
what excuse does bob ewell give about not running after tom He was too distracted with mayella to run after tom
what mistake does tom make when mr.glimmer asks him to explain why he helped mayella he said that he pitys her
how does scout know the verdict before it is read the jury wouldn’t look up
how does atticus response to jems question about how the jury could have convicted tom atticus is bitter and has lost his optimism”I don’t know, but they did it. They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it—seems that only children weep. Good night.”
what is scout trying to accomplish as she speaks to mr. cunningham protect atticus
why does atticus select a cunningham to be on the jury “there is a faint difference between a man who is going to convict and a man whose a little disturbed in his mind, isn’t there? he was the only uncertainty on the whole list”
Scouts feelings are reminiscent of what day during the trial? She recalls the time Atticus raise a rifle to his shoulder and shoot the rabid dog.

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