To Kill a Mockingbird, Part 2

Why does Aunt Alexandra move to Maycomb? To save the children from their upbringing
Aunt Alexandra is preoccupied (obsessed) with what two things? manners and society
How does Atticus react when Alexandra suggests that he should fire Calpurnia? He refuses because she is part of the family.
Why does Jem insist on going downtown on Sunday night? Why does Jem insist on going downtown on Sunday night? Jem has a “feeling” and he is concerned for Atticus’s safety, so he wants to make sure Atticus is okay.
What happens after the children (Jem, Scout and Dill) appear in front of the mob at the jail? The mob eventually softens and leaves.
What does Atticus say Scout did to make the mob leave? Atticus says the mob left because Scout made Mr. Cunningham stand in his shoes for a minute.
The children defy Atticus’s instructions and go where? The children go to the courthouse to watch the Tom Robinson trial, even though Atticus forbade it.
What is peculiar about Mr. Dolphus Raymond? Even though Dolphus Raymond is from a wealthy white family, he prefers to associate with the black community. The residents of Maycomb need an excuse for this, so he pretends to be drunk so they have something to blame his peculiar actions on.
Why do people in Maycomb resent Atticus? He plans on actually defending Tom Robinson.
Why do Scout, Jem and Dill view the trial from the colored balcony? There was nowhere else to sit.
What did both Heck Tate and Bob Ewell testify was wrong with Mayella physically? The both testified that she was covered in bruises and had a black eye.
Describe how Bob Ewell treats the court and attorneys. with disrespect
Why did Atticus have Bob Ewell write his name? To prove that he was left-handed, and therefore could have beaten Mayella since the right side of her face was bruised.
Describe what it was like to live in Mayell’s house/world. She didn’t have friends, she was most likely beaten, the Ewell’s lived in squalor…basically, she had a very difficult life.
What was revealed upon Tom Robinson standing up in court while Mayella was on the stand? Tom reveals that he cannot use his left hand at all because he is crippled. Regardless of this, Mayella sticks to her story (even though it makes no sense).
Despite Mayella’s claims that Tom Robinson raped her, Tom reveals what truth about Mayella? That Mayella made advances towards Tom.
How does Atticus react when Bob Ewell insults him and vows revenge? Atticus calmly ignores Bob Ewell’s threats.
Who suggests that Atticus should carry a gun? Jem and Scout
Why was Aunt Alexandra against inviting Walter Cunningham over to the Finch house? Aunt Alexandra says that he is trash and will be a bad influence on Scout.
Who on the jury thought that Tom was innocent? One of the Cunninghams
What does the missionary society discuss? The treatment of blacks in Africa and in America.
What are three disturbing things that happen after the trial? 1. Bob Ewell loses his job and blames Atticus.2. Ewell tries to break into Judge Taylor’s house.3. Ewell stalks and threatens Tom’s widow, Helen.
At Halloween, what do the ladies of Maycomb organize? a Halloween carnival and pageant
Who scares Jem and Scout on their way to the pageant at school? Cecil Jacobs
Why does Scout refuse to leave the auditorium until everyone is gone? During the pageant, Scout missed her cue because she was asleep and came out in the middle of the grand finale. She doesn’t want to see anybody because she is embarrassed and feels that she ruined the pageant.
How can the children be seen on the way home from the pageant, even though it is pitch black dark outside? Scout’s ham costume has streaks of shiny paint that make her visible in the night.
What happened to Jem and Scout as a result of the attack under the oak tree while the children walked home? Scout is very badly bruised and Jem’s arm is broken.
What horrific news does Mr. Heck Tate report after the attack? Bob Ewell was killed by a kitchen knife.
Who did Atticus immediately assume killed Bob Ewell? Jem
Why did Scout hesitate to reveal Boo Radley’s role in the attack? Scout realizes that to reveal Boo’s role in the attack would be like killing a mockingbird.
What does Scout gain looking off the porch of Boo Radley after she walks him home? She looks out from the Radley front porch and, for the first time, is able to view the neighborhood from his perspective.
candid free from prejudice
corroborative supported with evidence or authority
cynical contemptuous; distrustful of human nature
discreet showing or having good judgment in conduct and especially in speech
expunge strike out, obliterate, or mark for deletion
fatalistic the attitude that events are determined in advance by powers beyond human control
impudent showing contempt for or disrespect of others
indicted to charge with a crime
iota tiny amount
tacit expressed or carried on without words or speech
adamant unyielding in attitude or opinion
apprehension suspicion or fear over future troubles
furtive sly or shifty; secretly
sordid poor, run-down, dirty
impertinence inappropriateness; rudeness
recluse one who keeps to himself
squalor filth, misery
veneer superficially pleasing appearance; a fake front
wryly crooked smile; devious in nature

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