To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 Study Guide Questions/Characters

Atticus Finch Father to Scout and Jem; lawyer who defends Tom Robinson
Jean Louise Finch Scout; daughter of Atticus, sister of Jem
Jeremy Atticus Finch Jem; son of Atticus, brother to Scout
Calpurnia The Finch’s housekeeper; acts as a more distant mother-figure to Jem and Scout
Charles Baker Harris Dill; visits next door during the summer
Miss Maudie Finch’s neighbor, children’s best friend among the adults of Maycomb.
Miss Caroline Young teacher, disaproves of Scout’s reading ability
Boo Radley Rarely leaves the house, leaves Jem and Scout trinkets
Nathan Radley The stern distant brother of Boo who seldom speaks even though he is seen every day
Walter Cunningham Scout’s school mate who cannot afford lunch
Aunt Alexandra Atticus’s sister, a strong-willed woman with a fierce devotion to her family. She is the perfect Southern lady, and her commitment to propriety and tradition often leads her to clash with Scout.
Miss Stephanie The neighborhood gossip
Uncle Jack Atticus and Alexandra’s brother; visits at Christmas; is a doctor
Burris Ewell Filthy, cusses out the teacher, only goes to the first day of school every year
Great Depression the economic crisis beginning with the stock market crash in 1929 and continuing through the 1930s
Maycomb, Alabama Name of the town in TKAM.
Harper Lee Author of To Kill A Mockingbird
Themes A time for courage, education, prejudices, racial discrimination, loss of innocence, coming of age, etc.
First Person Point of View in To Kill a Mockingbird
Mrs. Dubose An old lady who lives down the street and who screams at the children as they pass her house.
Tom Robinson An African-American man defended by Atticus
Cecil Jacobs Scout’s classmate who insults Atticus
Prejudice Maycomb’s usual disease
Heck Tate Sheriff of Maycomb
Tim Johnson Mad dog
Who is telling the story? A little girl named Scout.
What happened to Jem and Scout’s mother? Died of sudden heart attack when Scout was 2.
What is Dill’s real name, how old is he, and where is he from? Charles Baker Harris, almost 7, Meridian
What strange stories had the children heard about Boo Radley? He stayed inside all the time and he stabbed his dad with scissors.
How does Jem describe Boo? 6.5 feet tall, hands were bloodstained because he at raw meat, long jagged scar across his face, yellow teeth, popped eyes, and drooling
What does Dill dare Jem to do? Go up and touch the Radley House.
Does Jem take the dare? What happens? Yes; gets scared and runs away
On the second day of school, what was the first thing Scout got in trouble for? She could already read.
According to Jem, what was the new teaching system used in the first grade and how did it work? The Dewey Decimal Ststem
The children were to print in first grade. When were they taught handwriting? On rainy days.
Who taught them handwriting? Cal
Who is Walter Cunningham? What kind of family background did he come from? Scout’s friend at school. Very poor but very respectable farming family.
Why did Miss. Caroline’s offer of a quarter insult Walter? He could not pay her back and she kept pestering him to take it even when he refused.
How did Mr. Cunningham pay Atticus for his legal services? Goods from his farm: hickory nuts, smilax, holly, and green turnips.
According to Jem, what was the new teaching system used in the first grade and how did it work? Taps her hand with a ruler and makes her stand in the corner.
As soon as school was dismissed for lunch, what did Scout do about Walter? Shoved his face in the dirt.
What did Jem suggest about dinner (lunch)? Walter should come over and eat with them.
Before eating what did Walter pour all over his food? Molasses
How did Scout react to the molasses? She said he was weird and had bad manners.
What happened to her for embarrassing Walter for the molasses? Cal takes her into the kitchen and talks to her.
Who is Burrel Ewell and what happened to him that caused Miss. Caroline to shriek? A son of the dirty, rude, Ewell family. A bug crawled out of his hair.
Who is Little Chuck a Little and how did me handle the “cootie situation”? The born gentleman of the class; runs to Miss. Caroline and says they need to catch the bug. He tells here not to be afraid of a cootie and walks her back to her desk and gets her some cool water.
Out of all the things that happened on the first day of school, what bothered Scout the most? Miss. Caroline saying she needs to stop reading at home.
What caught Scout’s eye as she passed the Radley house and where was it hidden? Tinfoil of 2 pieces of gum hidden in the knot whole of the Radley tree.
What did she do with the treasure in the tree? Put it in her mouth and ran away when she realized where she was.
What was the second treasure the children found in the Radley tree? A box containing 2 Indian head pennies
Who is Mrs. Dubose? The Finch’s old, prejudice, and judgmental neighbor.
What were Scout’s TWO reasons for giving up the Radley game? Atticus told them to stop playing it and she was scared Boo would find out.
What functions does Miss. Maudie Atkinson serve in the novel? A friend to Scout when the boys won’t play with her, and a mentor Scout.
What is significant about Jem’s discussion to make a long, nocturnal, return to the Radley place? What is the significant outcome of the return? Think of Boo’s imaginary malevolence. Shows Jem is apprehensive about going to the Radley place again. He goes to get his pants that were ripped but were fixed by Mr. Radley supposedly.
Explain the prejudice shown by Mr. Radley’s assumptions about the disturbance in his backyard. He assumes it was a black person in his yard stealing from him and he shoots at the noise to kill whatever it was.
Describe some of the treasures which the children found in the knothole of the tree. Why has the author used the tree outside the Radley house as her focal point when school begins? Gum, Indian head pennies, broken pocket watch, soap figurines of them. Wants readers to focus on the Radleys
Describe the action in which Boo demonstrates that he is a benevolent, not malevolent character. Gives Scout a blanket when them are standing outside in the snow when Miss. Maudie’s house is on fire.
In chapter 9 Scout begins by fighting with Cecli Jacobs. Describe Scout’s insistence to “defend Atticus”. He calls Atticus a “n***** lover” and she takes it as him insulting Atticus. She feels the need to defend her father.
Christmas with Uncle Jack and Aunt Alexandra: What are Scout’s latest efforts to get out of going to school? Using bad language.
Why does Aunt Alexandra object to the manner in which Atticus is raising his children? What does this tell the reader about Aunt Alexandra’s character? She thinks Scout is not lady like and she has bad manners. She doesn’t think he is teaching them what is important to her in life. It shows she is judgmental and only thinks about what she cares about.
What does Uncle Jack learn about his children from his encounter with Scout? He learns to be straightforward and not lie because kids can tell.
Describe Mrs. Dubose (her character and medical condition). She is strong and judgmental but she is addicted to morphine. She is trying to break her addiction before she dies. She would rather suffer then die with a burden. It was important to her and she succeeded.

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