To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 Questions

The novel begins with Scout Finch remembering something that happened in the past. What is that incident? When Jem Finch broke his arm at the elbow
What is the setting of the novel? Maycomb, Alabama; 1930s
What is Dill’s full name? Charles Baker Harris
What are three facts about Boo Radley? 1. He stabbed his mom2. He does not go to church3. His doors and windows were closed on Sundays
What are three legends about Boo Radley? 1. He eats cats2. He is chained to his bed3. He peeps in windows
Why does Miss Caroline disapprove of Scout’s reading ability? She thinks Scout’s ability will interfere with her learning
What does, “Walter had forgotten he was Cunningham,” mean? Walter lost his slightly somber, withdrawn demeanor and acted as though he wasn’t poor.
At lunch, how does Atticus make Walter feel welcome? By chatting with him about crops and treating him like he was a respectable adult.
What do Atticus’ actions tell you about him? It tells us that Atticus is kind, patient, and humble, and that he disregards social boundaries and classes.
Both the Cunninghams and the Ewells are poor, but what makes these families different? Cunninghams- generous, hardworking, and pay their debtsEwells- lazy, never does an honest days’ work
What is the first thing Scout finds in the knot-hole of the oak hole tree? Tin foil, with two pieces of gum inside
Why is Scout afraid to play the Boo Radley game (other than Atticus finding out)? She had heard disturbing laughter when she rolled the tire into the house
Atticus says that you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. What does that mean? It means that you shouldn’t immidiantely judge a person or come to conclusions about them.
Who is Miss Maudie Atkison? She is a widow that loves baking and gardening
What reason does Miss Maudie give for Boo Radley’s reclusiveness? She says that Boo is crazy and that his father is a foot washing Baptist
What does Maudie mean when she says, “Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the public streets”? She means that Atticus Finch is trustworthy and honest
What happens when Jem and Dill try to deliver Boo Radley’s not? They’re caught by Atticus and scolded
When Jem and Dill “take a walk” where do they really go? They go to the Radley’s to look in his window
What happens to Jem? His pants are lost because he is climbing under the fence
What does Jem discover about his pants when he goes back for them? They have been stitched up and and folded, like someone was expecting him
What do Scout and Jem find in the knot hole at the end of chapter 7? Cement
What explanation does Mr. Radley give for this occurence? He said it was because the tree was dying

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