To Kill A Mockingbird part 1 characters

Atticus Finch Scout and Jems father, a lawyer who is representing Tom Robinson in his case against the Ewells, loyal to Maycomb and is found satisfactory by his children, used to be known as ol’ one shot
Scout (Jean Louise) Finch Almost six when the book starts, tomboys who wants to follow Jem and Dill, can read and write well, gets in lots of fights especially with Cecil and Francis, interested in the Radleys and respects miss Maudie
Jem (Jeremy Atticus Finch) ten when the book starts, usually calmer/less hot-headed than Scout but looses his temper with Mrs. Dubose, He loves football and never turns down a dare, good friends with Dill and finds Scout childish and girly.
Calpurnia (Cal) African American cook for the Finches sense Jem was born, does not like the Radleys or the Ewells. Scout calls her a tyrant but Atticus respects her, she does not gossip, informs everyone of the mad dog and raises the Finch kids.
Aunt Alexandra Atticus’ sister and Francis’ grandmother. She is very old fashioned and doesn’t support anything her brother does, she is a very good cook but doesn’t like how Scout acts
Uncle Jack Finch Does not have any kids but has a cat named Rose Alymer, he licks/scolds Scout after she beats up Francis. Scout teaches him to always hear the other persons story, Brother of Atticus.
Dill (Charles Baker Harris) Comes to Maycomb every summer from Merridian, Mississippi to stay with his aunt miss Rachel. Scout says she is going to marry him when they get older. Very small for his age and won a most beautiful child contest. He has snow white hair and blue eyes, is very interested with the Radleys.
Miss Maudie Atkinson Same age as Atticus, a avid gardener. Her house burned doen but she did not seem to care and now lives with Miss Stephanie. She is close to Scout especially, but also close to Jem. Does not gossip
Mr. Nathan Radley Boo Radleys brother, is sometimes seen out of the house. Said the tree was dying and filled the hole with cement, just like his father only younger.
Heck Tate Sheriff of Maycomb county, he comes with Atticus to the mad dog and gives Atticus the gun to shoot the dog because of his bad eyesight.
Tom Robinson African American man who goes to church with Calpurnia, represented by Atticus in court against the Ewells.
Bob Ewell Spends all of his money on alcohol and is allowed to hunt out of season to feed his children who don’t have a mother, lives near the garbage dump, has a bad reputation
Mr Walter Cunningham A poor farmer who pays back his legal fees to Atticus by giving him wood and other things from his farm. He has more than one child and doesn’t take anything he can’t pay back.
Walter Cunningham Jr. He has hookworms and refuses to take miss Carolines quarters for lunch. He goes to the Finches house for lunch and Scout gets in a fight with him.
Mrs Dubose “The meanest old women that ever lived”, Jem and Scout have to read to her after Jem knocked the top off of all her flowers. She was a morphine addict but she wanted to die sober.
Boo (Mr. Arthur) Radley He is feared by the town and rumored to eat cats and freeze azaleas. He put a blanket over Scouts shoulders during the fire and possibly was putting things in the hole in the tree. he always stays inside.
Miss Stephanie Crawford Miss Maudie moves in with her after her house burns down, she likes to gossip about things going on around town
Miss Rachel Dills aunt whom he stays with over the summer. She gossips a lot about Boo Radley and other subjects.

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