To Kill a Mockingbird: Part 1 (Chapters 1-11)

Who is the narrator of the story? How old is she? An older white female, Jean Louise “Scout” Finch, looking back on her childhood when she was five years old; she’s from the South and lived in Maycomb, Alabama
Jem He was Scout’s brother; at the beginning of the novel, he is nine years old
Atticus Scout’s father; a lawyer; he is described by Scout as a “courteous detachment,” as although he loved Scout and Jem, he isn’t overly caring about them.
What is Finch’s Landing? It is a plantation that Simon Finch, an ancestor of Scout, established; Aunt Alexandra, Atticus’ sister, currently lives there
Describe the town of Maycomb. Organized, run-down, old, and boring; Located in Alabama
What happened to the Scout’s mom? She died when Scout was two years old of a heart attack
Who is Dill? Charles Baker Harris; A seven-year-old kid from Meridian, Mississippi who goes to Maycomb every summer to see his aunt, Miss Rachel; he is very short and seems to make many stories up
Describe the Radley house and the rumors that go along with it. It’s old and worn down; no one lives there; it’s very creepy; Arthur “Boo” Radley, Mrs. and Mr. Radley’s younger son, stays inside the house all the time due to his “insanity”
What is everything bad that occurs in Maycomb, Alabama blamed on? The Radley’s
Describe the narrator’s first day of school? Her teacher, Ms. Caroline, realizes she was literate and told Scout to tell her father to stop teaching her “incorrectly,” which annoyed Scout because she loves reading
Explain how her classroom is like a tiny version of the real world outside of school. The social dynamics, such as poverty, faced in Macomb were presented in the school, especially with Miss Caroline not understanding why Walter Cunningham had no lunch to bring
Why was Miss Caroline so annoyed with the narrator? She thought that she could teach better than Atticus; Scout talks back about Walter; Scout talks back about Walter Cunningham; she wacks Scout’s hand with a ruler
Describe the Cunninghams Although they were very poor, they were proud and never borrowed anything from anybody, including money; the payback favors with produce
What does the narrator understand that the teacher (a newcomer to the town) does not? She doesn’t understandthe social dynamics of Maycomb; most people are extremely poor and don’t have enough money
Describe Walter Cunningham. He’s a very poor boy that wasn’t able to pack a lunch to bring to school; he is taking care of by his family, no matter what social status
What happened at the lunch table when Scout and Jem went home to eat with Walter Cunningham? Walter talked about farming with Atticus and he poured syrup all over his dinner because it was a luxury in his eyes; Scout yelled at him, and he felt ashamed
Explain how Calpurnia is much more than just a housekeeper and cook to Scout. She disciplines them, said that she missed Scout, and calls Scout and Jem in for dinner; she is a mother figure to Scout and Jem
What happened when Scout returned to school after lunch? Miss Caroline was frightened of a bug (“cootie”) found in Burris Ewell’s hair
Describe Burris Ewell. Scott describes him as one of the filthiest kids she has ever seen; not taking care of by his parents because he is so poor; comes in on the first day of school every year and never comes back; much older than Scout and the others
What surprise did Cal have waiting for Scout after school and why did she do this? Crackling bread; she knew that Scout had a bad day and felt bad for her
What does Atticus reveal to Scout about the Ewells? For the past three generations; they commit many crimes, but people let it slide because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to survive
What was Atticus’ compromise for Scout? That if she went to school she could continue reading, as long as she didn’t tell her teacher
What did Scout find in the tree? Two sticks of Wrigley’s Double Mint gum
What was Jem’s reaction to what Scout found? He was angry that Scout put the gum in her mouth and said it was poisonous because it came from the Radley’ house
What was the next item found in the tree? Two Indian pennies that were polished and clean
How and why does Scout think these items come to be in the tree? She thinks that it’s someone’s hiding spot
What happened to Scout that illustrates that there is life in the Radley house? When she rolled the tire and lands in front of the Radley house, she heard someone laughing.
Why did Atticus get annoyed with Scout and Jem at the end of this chapter? They were pretending to be the Radley’s and reenacting the scene where Boo Radley stabbed his dad with a pair of scissors
Explain the difference in Scout’s relationships with her brother and Dill. How has the dynamic of the group of 3 changed? They started plotting and planning together and ignoring her most of the time, so she usually stayed with Miss Maudie
Describe in detail Miss Maudie. She was a widow that hated her house and loved “everything of God”; she didn’t believe the rumors about the Radley’s; loves flowers
How is Miss Maudie a lot like Atticus? She treated them maturely and not much like children; she did not believe the Radley rumors
Explain what she tells the children about the Radley’s religious beliefs. They’re Baptist, but they believe anything that pleasure is a sin
What can you infer about Miss Stephanie Crawford from the comment Miss Maudie makes about her? She the “creator” of all the gossip in the town of Maycomb
What did Scout, Jem, and Dill set out to accomplish? They want to give a note to Boo Radley
What was Atticus’s response to their actions at the end of this chapter? He was very angry and disappointed that they kept bothering Boo and made fun of him and his actions
Since it is the end of summer, what do Scout, Jem, and Dill decide to do? They try to see what Boo Radley looks like
Why did they wait until the end of the summer? If Boo Radley killed them, they wouldn’t miss summer vacation but rather school
Explain what happened that night. Be sure your answer is detailed. They went to Boo Radley’s house and tried to peep through the window but saw a shadow of a man with a hat on. The shadow went up to Scout and they tried to run away but he left. Mr Radley then try tries to shoot at them.
What does the reader find out about the relationship between Scout and Dill? He remembers their “engagement” and kisses her
What does Jem do at the end of Chapter 6 and why? Dill and Jem tempted one more time to try to see Boo and Jem goes back to get his pants that you lost so we doesn’t get caught
What does Jem tell Scout about that night? When he went back to get his shorts, they were folded as if someone was expecting him and they were sewed up
What is the next item Scout and Jem find in the tree? A grey ball of twine
Whose hiding place does Scout think it is? Boo Radley’s
What is/are the next object(s) found in the tree? What is significant about it/them? Two images of children carved in soap; it was a picture of them
Name any other object found. A whole packet of gum and a pocket watch chain that had an aluminium knife
At the end of the chapter what happened to the tree? What reason was given for this? Mr Radley had sealed it up with cement; he stated that the tree was dying.
What is the real reason? He wanted the kids and Boo to stop communicating
What strange thing happened in Maycomb for the first time? The seasons were changing
What explanation was given for this strange occurrence? It only happened when children disobeyed their parents, smoked cigarettes, and made war on others
Who died that winter? Mrs Bradley from natural causes
Explain how Jem was creative. With the little snow from Maycomb, he used dirt to make a snowman
What event occurred that pulled the whole neighborhood together? A fire at Miss Maudie’s house?
Who appeared without anyone noticing? Why was he there? Boo Radley; he put a blanket over Scout
Who is Atticus defending? Tom Robinson; he goes to Cal’s church
Who was picking on Scout because of Atticus defending Tom? Cecil Jacobs
Who is Atticus’s case against? The Ewells
How was Scout’s cousin Francis just like Cecil? He started talking about how Dill is a runt, as he keeps getting handed down to different family members; called Atticus a “n*****-lover” and hates that he is annoyed that he is defending a black person
Does Scout believe Dill when he makes up stories? Sometimes with little stories, but she didn’t realise he was lying about seeing his dad for the first time
What does Francis say Atticus is doing? Ruining the family, as he heard his Grandma say thanks to Aunt Alexandra
What does Scout do when Francis calls Atticus a “n*****-lover”? She punches his mouth.
What does Uncle Jack do when he sees Scout beating Francis up? He stops her and then spanks her
Because Atticus never spanks Scout and Jem, how do Uncle Jack and Aunt Alexandra feel? They believe he should, especially Alexandra because she feels Scout isn’t “ladylike”
How are Atticus and Jack different? Uncle Jack didn’t take her side of the argument at first, like Atticus usually does.
Why will Atticus’s case be a difficult one? Many people in may come don’t like black people and believe no one should be defending one
Who is John Taylor? The judge that appointed Atticus to that case because he knows Atticus would do well
What does Atticus mean when he said he would “jar the jury”? That he will make them think about the false stereotypes.
At the beginning of this chapter, Scout is ashamed of Atticus. List his faults as she sees them. He was “too old”; couldn’t be admired for anything; he wore glasses (had bad vision)
Explain why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird, according to Miss Maudie. They provide people with music, and they don’t eat up people’s gardens
Miss Maudie tries to explain Atticus’ excellent marksmanship and his lack of pride in it. How does she do this? She explains how he was the best checker-player in Maycomb but probably hiding his talent when playing with Jem and Scout.
Why won’t Jem allow Scout to brag about Atticus at school? If Atticus didn’t tell Jem and Scout, he probably had a reason for it.
Describe Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose. She lived alone and was very old; apparently, she kept a CSA pistol concealed among her numerous shawls and wraps; rude/sassy
Explain the confrontation that occurred on the way into town between Jem, Scout, and Mrs. Dubose. Mrs. Dubose yelled at them, asking they we’re doing and if Atticus knew where they were. She then told Jem Miss Maudie was mad at him for breaking her “scuppernong arbor” and that they should go to reform school. Lastly, she complained about Scout not being “ladylike” and how Atticus was defending Tom Robinson.
What did Jem spend his money on in town? He bought Scout a baton from Elmore’s
What does Jem do out of anger and spite? He ruins Mrs. Dubose’s garden by cutting the top of each camellia bushes
What does Atticus tell Scout about the summer and why? He says Scout needs to keep her head up because he feels something bad will happen with the Tom Robinson case.
What is Jem’s punishment? To have to fix Mrs. Dubose’s garden and read to her for two outs every day for a month.
Why did Atticus really ask Jem to do this? (Other than punishment) He wanted Jem to see and admire Mrs. Dubose’s courage and strength
Why is Atticus a man to be respected? No matter how many rude comments were said to him by Mrs. Dubose, he respected her and saw her as a great woman; he said himself, he loves people and isn’t a racist

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