To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1- chapter 3

a bug or cootie was crawling out of Burris Ewell’s hair What frightened Miss Caroline?
Burris was extremely filthy. His neck was dark gray, the backs of his hands were rusty, and his fingernails were black deep into the quick. He was extremely disrespectful towards Miss Caroline, and he didn’t care one bit about his education. He had been in first grade for many years. Describe Burris Ewell
There are many Ewells in the school. They come the first day of school every yar and then leave. A truant lady gets them to school by threating them with the sheriff, but she soon gives up trying to make them stay in school. The woman thinks she carried out the law by just getting them to school on the first day and their names on the role Tell the story of the Ewell children’s education
Consider things from the other person’s point of view; put yourself in their shoes How did Atticus tell Scout you learn to understand a person?
the Ewell family Who was the disgrace of Maycomb
He told her that she was the common folk and she had to obey the law. Atticus included that the Ewells were members of an exclusive society in which, in certain circumstances, their actions were overlooked by others How did Atticus explain to Scout that she must attend school when Burris Ewell didn’t have to
Mr. Ewell spent his relief checks on whiskey and his children were hungry because he had no money to buy food Why was Mr. Ewell permitted to hunt and trap out of season
If she would go back to school, they could continue reading at home What bargain did Scout and Atticus agree upon concerning her school attendance

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