To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 (Ch. 1-11) Characters Quiz

Uncle Jack Scout and Jem’s uncle who visits at Christmas! He is a doctor and both of the children are very fond of him!
Atticus Finch He is Scout and Jem’s father, and is a good man who sees the best in people, and wants to be a good person. He strives to do the right thing, and defends Tom Robinson because although he’d get lots of criticism, he knew it was the right thing to do
Jem Finch He is Scout’s older brother and best friend! He loves to play football, and throughout the novel shows more maturity than Scout does at first. He is creative, and becomes more independent and moody as Scout puts it as he grows older.
Miss Rachel Dill’s aunt who lives next door to the Finches.
Dill Scout and Jem’s friend who visits in the summer and stays with his Aunt Rachel. He is short and adventurous. He is a compulsive liar, and lies about his home life because it’s not a good situation and doesn’t compare to the great relationship Jem and Scout have with their father.
Calpurnia The Finches’ cook who has raised Jem and Scout. She is a surrogate mother figure, and is always there for the children. When Jem starts acting moody because of his growing up, she offers to spend time with Scout. She warns the neighborhood of the dog with rabies.
Scout Finch The main character and narrator of the story. She starts off very young and not mature but matures through the events of the story. She is very rough and gets into fights easily. She isn’t ladylike like she’s supposed to be, she hates going to school, and she is friends with Miss Maudie, Calpurnia, Dill, and has a great relationship with Jem and her father, Atticus.
Boo Radley The neighborhood recluse who everyone spreads rumors about and is scared of. He leaves things for the children in the tree, and shows deep affection toward the children.
Mrs. Dubose A morphine addict who Scout and Jem dread passing by because of her cruel behavior and comments toward their family. When Jem cuts off the tops of her bushes, she punishes him by making him read to her every day. She successfully beats her addiction before she dies.
Miss Caroline The teacher who Scout hates because of her teaching methods (Dewey Decimal System)
Miss Maudie Another motherly figure for Jem and Scout who also spends time with Scout when Jem and Dill leave her out. She is a good, moral person who doesn’t gossip and sees the best in people as well. Her house burns down during a cold winter night.
Heck Tate The sheriff who brags about Atticus being “Ol-One Shot” to Scout and Jem. He forces Atticus to shoot the dog with rabies instead of himself.
Tom Robinson The man accused of raping and beating Mayella Ewell. He is a good man who is innocent, but has an unfair disadvantage because of his race.
Walter Cunningham Jr. A boy in Scout’s class who is poor and Scout dislikes for the way he eats his food and behaves in general. He doesn’t take what he can’t pay back.

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