To Kill A Mockingbird Guided Reading Questions Part 1

Chapter 1
Find three details that explain the background of the Finch family. 1. Apothecary – Simon Finch2. Sister married a country boy3. Simon hated medicine so became a fur trapper
Find three details that describe Charles Baker Harris. 1. 7 years old2. Goes by Bill3. Does not have a father
Find three details that describing Boo Radley’s story. 1. White man2. Depicted as mentally ill3. Mysterious
Why do you think the children are so fascinated with Boo Radley? Boo Radley is a mystery to the children. The little knowledge they know about him has come from their neighbors, so the information given to them is unreliable.
Chapter 2
Find three details that describe Scout’s school. – A black board that serves as the central focus of the room- There is a window that lets the children look outside- A corner for isolation (misbehavior)
Explain how the Cunningham family paid their debt to Atticus for lawyer fees. The Cunningham family pays their debt to Atticus by giving food. The Cunninghams are considered to be one of the poorest white families in Maycomb County, so they pay for things with food.
Miss Caroline is clearly disconnected from the students in her new school. Find the three details that demonstrate this disconnect. – Did not know the Cunningham’s background (poor)- Scout’s ability to read- Did not know the Ewells background (poor)
Chapter 3
Find and note at least three details that describe Walter Cunningham. – Poor- Farmer – Never takes/borrows anything he knows he can’t pay back
Why does Calpurnia pull Scout into the kitchen to give her a lecture? Scout was judging Walter for pouring maple syrup on his steak.
Explain the compromise that Scout and Atticus reach regarding reading. What does this exchange say about Atticus as a father? Atticus makes Scout promise him to never talk about them reading together; This says that he cares about his daughter and her wants/needs.
Chapter 4
Over the next few chapters, Scout and Jem begin to find random items in the knothole. Find ALL OF THE ITEMS that the children find in the knothole. Scout finds two pieces of chewing gum, and two “Indian-head” pennies are all things that were found in the knothole
Why does Jem make Scout spit out the gum Jem makes Scout spit out the gum because he thinks it is not safe since it comes from the Radley house.
Find and note the result of the “tire game” when Scout takes a turn. Scout crashes with her tire into the Radley’s front lawn and hears someone laughing in house.
Find and note at least three specific details describing the Boo Radley acting game. – The children all pretended to be members of the Radley family- They reenacted Boo stabbing Mr. Radley- Scout was Boo’s mother, Jem was Boo, and Dill was Mr. Radley.
Chapter 5
Why does Scout start to spend more time hanging out with Miss Maudie? Jem and Dill were excluding Scout from their games since she was “just a girl” so she started to hang out with Miss Maudie.
Find and note at least three details that describe Miss Maudie. Scout and Jem’s neighbor, never talks down to the children, has gained their ultimate respect
Explain Jem and Dill’s attempt to contact Boo Radley. Jem and Dill attempt to send a message to Boo by tying a piece of paper to a fishing pole, Atticus catches them and banned them from going to the Radley place.
Chapter 6
Find and note at least three specific details describing the children’s late night visit to the Radley yard. Jem, Dill and Scout sneak under a wire fence to go through a gate, the children run, and they heard a shotgun.
What happens to Jem’s pants? Jem’s pants got caught in a wire fence while he tried to get away. Dill tells everyone that he won the strip poker game to explain why Jem had no pants.
What did Nathan Radley think he was shooting at in the backyard? Nathan Radley thought that it was a black man trying to steal from his collard patch
Chapter 7
Jem went back to get his pants, what was strange about pants when he found them? When Jem went back, he found his pants neatly folded and sewed up
Find and note all of the other items that appear in the knothole. They also found grey twine, girl and boy dolls carved out of soap, medal, and a watch
What happens to the knothole? Nathan Radley filled the knothole with cement because the tree was dying.
Chapter 8
Find and note at least three details that describe the snowstorm and the snowman that the children build. It was the first time snow had fallen in a long time, the snowman was made up of more mud than actual snow, the children take the snow from Miss Maudie’s house and put it in their yard.
Find and note at least three details that describe Miss Maudie’s house fire. The neighbors helped Miss Maudie get the furniture out of her house, the fire truck had arrived on time to prevent the other houses from catching on fire, and Miss Maudie’s house burned to the ground.
Who drapes the blanket over Scout’s shoulders? What was Scout’s reaction when she figured it out? Boo Radley drapes the blanket over Scout’s shoulders, when Jem had revealed to her that it was Boo who had put the blanket on her she almost threw up.
Chapter 9
Find and note the reason for Scout’s fight with Cecil Jacobs. Cecil tells Atticus that he is an N-word lover.
Atticus says that defending Tom Robinson is a case he cannot hope to win, Why, then, does he agree to take the case? Atticus has been asked to defend Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a white woman. It is a case he knows he is not going to win, but he tells Scout that he must argue it to uphold his sense of justice and self-respect.
Scout gets into a fight with Francis. Find and note the reason for the fight. Scout fights her cousin, Francis, because he insulted Atticus for defending Tom Robinson.
Summarize the conversation that Scout overhears between Uncle Jack and Atticus. Scout overhears the conversation between Uncle Jack and Atticus, in doing this she learns his side of the story and why he decided to take the case. Atticus allows Scout to overhear their conversation ot show that he is very proud her actions and the way she defends him.
Chapter 10
Find and note at least three details that explain how Atticus is different from other fathers in town. Gives his children more independence than most parents do, as a result of this they try harder to make Atticus proud of them, he finds time every day to read with Scout and when they need to have a heart-to-heart he does that.
What does Atticus do that completely changes the way the children view Atticus? How has their perception changed? Atticus shoots and kills the rabid dog in the street, they respect him a little more.
Miss Maudie shares one of Atticus’ nicknames from childhood. Find and note this nickname? “One-Shot Finch”
Chapter 11
Find and note at least three details that describe Mrs. Dubose. Mrs. Dubose is always mean to Jem and Scout when they pass her house, she is a morphine addict, and is a racist woman.
What, specifically, does Jem do to Mrs. Dubose’s flower bushes? Jem takes a baton from Scout and destroys all of her camellia bushes.
As a punishment, Jem must visit Mrs. Dubose’s house every day for a while. Find and note at least three details that describe Jem’s punishment. Jem has to read to Mrs. Dubose every day after school and every Saturday for a month to help distract her from her morphine addiction, an alarm clock rings and both Jem and Scout are allowed to leave the house because they are done for the day, Mrs. Dubose corrects Jem’s grammar.
Explain why the reading sessions lasted longer and longer each day. What was point of these reading sessions? Mrs. Dubose needed a bigger distraction for a longer period of time and this was because Mrs. Dubose needed something to keep her mind off of the need to take morphine.
Find and note the description of Mrs. Dubose’s gift to Jem. Mrs. Dubose left Jem a box which contained a single camellia.

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