To Kill a Mockingbird Guided Notes

The author of To Kill a Mockingbird who grew up in Alabama, lived in New York, and became a recluse after the success of her book Harper Lee
The story was loosely based on… Lee’s experiences growing up in Alabama
The book was published in what year? 1960
What is the genre of the book? Courtroom Drama/Social Protest/Historical Fiction
What is the setting of To Kill a Mockingbird? Maycomb, Alabama in the years 1933-1935
The Narrator Scout Finch
Part I of the Story The Reclusive Boo Radley
Part II of the Story The Trial of Tom Robinson
Themes of the story include… racism, unfair judgement, social structures, sympathy and understanding, moral nature of man, childhood innocence, human capacity of good and evil, and moral education vs academic education
Symbolizes the innocence and kind nature of individuals Mockingbird
Narrator and protagonist, intelligent and tough, loses some of her innocence throughout the novel, she sees that not all people are good Scout Finch
Scout and Jem’s father, widowed, a respected lawyer Atticus Finch
Scout’s brother, four years older than Scout, grows away from imaginative games as novel progresses, guards Scout Jem Finch
Loosely based on Truman Capote, Summer Friend of Scout and Jem, confident and imaginative Dill Harris
Dill’s real name… Charles Baker Harris
Reclusive neighbor of Scout and Jem, Product of an abusive childhood family, symbolically a mockingbird, an innocent boy torn down by others Boo Radley
Has a generous nature and responsibility in contrast to the lies and irresponsibility of people who accused him of breaking the law Tom Robinson

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