To Kill a Mockingbird (Gradesaver Test)

Scout The narrator of the story
Tie each of the individual characters to their family and history. The first chapter focuses on telling stories. This primarily serves to:
6 and 10 years old Scout and Jem are how old when the novel begins?
Reason for the Author’s choice of a young narrator. To allow the narrator to mature as the story progressesTo allow the story to be presented by someone who can’t take an active roleTo remove moral bias from the story
Radley Superstition causes the children to be afraid of which family’s house?
Can read and write Scout is unusual for a first grader beacuse
The school setting in the 2nd chap allows lee to. Introduce the reader to the various families, as well as their peculiarities, in Maycomb county.
The 1st day of every school year How much time do the Ewell children spend in school?
The Ewell family 1 of the poorest, least educated families in Maycomb
Walter Cunningham surprises Scout in Discusses farming in a very mature way with AtticusPours molasses onto his foodFailed to past first grade cuz he had to work on a farm
both Gum and Pennies What items do Scout and Jem take from the knot hole in one of the oak tress in the Radley’s front yard?
Pretend to be a Radley family and act stab Activities that Dill Scout and Jem frequently play respecting the Radley family.
Maudie Atkinson When Jem and Dill start to exclude Scout from their activities, with whom does Scout spend more time
Sneak into Radley yard and tried to peak What do Jem, Dill and Scout do that causes Mr.Radley to shoot at them?
The loss of childhood and transition to adult responsibilities Mr. Radley’s plugging up the knot hole best symbolizes which of the following?
Boo Radley and Tom Robinson The two characters that are the outcasts of the novel maligned by Maycomb society
Atticus is a ***** lova After ATticus agrees to defend Tom, what does Scout hear at School?
Air Rifles For Chirstmas what did Jem and scout recieve from uncle jack
She punches him in the mouth How does Scout react to Aunt Alexandra’s grandson Francis calling atticus a ***** lover
Because it’s black vs white What does Atticus know that he will lose his case with Tom Robinson
To maintain his morals Why did atticus help Tom Robinson
Atticus and Scout fighting communal Tradition Which of the following are parallels in the novel
a Mockingbird what is a sin to shoot
Role as being a defender of the truth for the entire community Why did Atticus shoot the rabid dog.
Rom Robinson Which character is like a mockingbird in the metaphorical sense

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