To kill a mockingbird foils for characters

Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra teaching kids. Calpurnia wants them to accept everybody. Aunt Alexandra wants them to judge people
Jem and Scout both kids. when having problems Jem faces them, where Dill runs away from his problems.
Lula and Calpurnia both are african american. Calpurnia is nice to all whites. Lula is racist.
The Ewells and the Cunninghams both are poor. The Cunninghams try to do the best with what they have. The Ewells are nasty and mean.
Mrs. Dubose and Grace Meriweather both treat Scout mean. Mrs. Dubose has an excuse because of her illness. Grace does not
Nathan Radley and Atticus both parent figures. differnt parenting styles. Atticus is a good father. While Nathan is mean toward his brother and keeps him looked up all day.
Young Walter Cunningham and Burris Ewell Walter Cunningham tries to make the best of what he has. Burris is mean.
Scout and Mayella both trapped. Scout dosent want to be a girl. Mayella is trapped by her father about accussing Tom Robinson raping her.
Mr. Underwood and Bob Ewell Mr. Underwood was once a racist, but changes. Bob Ewell does not change.
Miss Maudie and Miss Stephaine both neighbors of the Finches. Miss Maudie is nice. Miss Stephaine is the town gossip

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