To Kill a Mockingbird FINAL TEST Review

The setting of the novel is: Maycomb Country in Southern Alabama
How would you describe most of the people in the town of Maycomb? Rasist
The novel is narrated from which point-of-view? Scout
When Scout and Jem meet Charles Baker Harris, they: they were not impressed with what his saying.
Does Atticus generally answer all of the questions which the children ask? yes
According to Jem, if you go through a ‘hot steam’ what may happen? If you walk through him, you’ll be one of them and at night they suck people’s breath
Why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird? Mockingbird make music for us to enjoy…but sing their heart out of us.
Describe Miss Stephanie Crawford: Gossip
The action of this novel covers a span of how many years Three
How would you describe Miss Maudie Positive influence on Jem and Scout and they consider her as their friends
Atticus thought Mrs.Dubose was the bravest person he knew because: Mrs.Dubose fought against the disease that was killing her.
What may be the most important lesson Atticus teaches Scout? you don’t know how the person is until you are in their shoes
“Well in the First place you never stopped to give me a chance to tell you my side of it-you just lit right into me. Atticus never does that..” This conversation is between Aunt Alexandra and Scout
When Scout asked Mr.Cunningham about his “entailment” she meant his: Business affairs
The Scottsboro Boys were infamous because: They were poor
Why did Tom Robinson go into Mayella Ewell’s house? To help fix something in the house
Describe the Ewells: the lowest classes of people in Maycomb.
According to the testimony given by Tom Robinson, what happened with Mayella? Mayella tried to kiss him
What two things did Atticus prove about the case? There was no medical evidence to suggest Mayella had been raped and she was most likely beaten by a left-handed man.
After the trial, when Atticus walked out, what happened? The African Americans balcony stood up for him in support.
Why does Jem cry after the trial? He was shocked by the justice of the jury.
Aunt Alexandra does not want Scout to play with Walter Cunningham. Why? The Cunningham are not social equals of the Finches.
Which literary technique is used in the following statement? “Maycomb was an old town, but it was a tired old town when I first knew it.” It’s personfication
Boo is known as a ‘malevolent phantom’. What is the meaning of the word malevolent? violent
According to the beginning of the novel, why does Jem think Boo Radley stays inside? Boo is forced to against his will
How did Bod Ewell die? Boo stabbed Ewell with Ewell’s knife
Scout’s costume in the Halloween pageant is a/some: Ham
How does Jem break his elbow? attacked by Boo Ewell
Scout discovers that Boo Radley is: Shy and childlike
Which two characters MOST represent “mockingbird” Boo Radley and Tom Robinson

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