To Kill a Mockingbird Final Exam

Who is Atticus Finch? Jem and Scout’s father. A lawyer, he is representing Tom Robinson. An honorable man
Who is Jean Louise Finch? Known as Scout. She is a bright, curious girl who narrates the novel. A tomboy. Impulsive and loyal.
Who is Jeremy Finch? Known as Jem. Four years older than Scout, he is a thoughtful boy. He is bright and imaginative.
Who is Aunt Alexandra? Older sister of Atticus; protective of the family name, lives still at Finch’s Landing; conservative.
Who is Miss Maudie Atkinson? An old friend of Atticus’s; she lives across the street; loves to garden; Scout trusts her; her house burns
Who is Miss Rachel Haverford? Dill’s Aunt; lives next door to the Finches. Let’s Dill stay with her each summer
Who is Charles Baker Harris? Dill. Loves to tell stories, doesn’t’ know his father; passed around the family to be taken care of; best friend to Scout
Who is Calpurnia? Family housekeeper; African-American; she is in charge when Atticus is at the legislature; she can read and write; loves the children
Who is Bob Ewell? Father to Mayella; a drunk; beats his children; he is a proud man who is ready to pick a fight and hold a grudge.
Who is Mayella Ewell? Daughter of Bob Ewell; tries to stay clean; takes care of her brothers and sisters; has no friends; accused Tom Robinson of raping her
Who is Arthur Radley? Boo; nice to the children; mends Jem’s pants; gives them gifts in the knothole; covers Scout at the fire
Who is Heck Tate? Sherriff of Maycomb County; fair man; concerned about Tom Robinson and his safety
Who is Tom Robinson? Accused of raping Mayella Ewell; Injured his left hand in a cotton gin; African-American; married with children.
Who is Mr. Walter Cunningham? Proud, but poor father of Scout’s classmate; receives entailment.
Who is Dolphus Raymond? Rich man from an old land-owning family; has an African-American wife and mixed race children; wants everyone to think he is a drunk; drinks Coca-cola from a bottle in a bag
Who is Bob Ewall? The person who attacks Jem and Scout on their way home from the school pageant.
Who is Zeebo? Calpurnia’s son, garbage truck driver.
Who is Miss Caroline Fisher? One of Scout’s teachers., young teacher, dissaproves of scouts reading ability.
Who is Miss Maudie Atkinson? Friend of Jem and Scout., The Finches’ neighbor, a sharp-tongued widow, and an old friend of the family. Miss Maudie is almost the same age as Atticus’s younger brother, Jack. She shares Atticus’s passion for justice and is the children’s best friend among Maycomb’s adults.
Who is Burris Ewell? Robert Ewall’s son, he comes to school once a year.
Who is Mr. Gilmer? Prosecuting attorney in Tom Robinson’s trial.
Who is Mr. Underwood? Editor of the Maycomb Tribune.
Who is Mr. Taylor? Judge at Tom Robinson’s trial.
Who is Reverend Sykes? Preacher at the First Purchase A.M.E. Zion Church.
Who is Dr. Reynolds? Looks at Scout’s bruises and Jem’s broken arm after being attacked by Bob Ewell.
Why could Tom Robinson not have beaten Mayella Ewall? Because of his crippled arm.
What saved Scout from her attack? Scout’s chicken wire costume.
What announcement does Atticus makes during the social hour of the women’s missionary society? Tom Robinson is dead
What is the “trick” that Atticus tries to teach his children so that they will understand other peoples’ point of view? Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes
How did the Negroes show respect to Atticus after the trial as he left the courtroom? Stand up
What is the name of the historical period in which the book is set, when America is experiencing an economic downturn and many people are out of work? The Great Depression
What is the addiction that Mrs. Dubose was trying to free herself from? Morphine
Where does the novel takes place? Maycomb, Alabama or the South.
Who is the author of the novel? Harper Lee
What is one part in the book where foreshadowing occurs? Answers will vary.
What is one of the themes of the novel? Answers will vary.
What is Mrs. Dubose trying to free herself from? Morphine addiction.
Why does Dill run away from home? His parents don’t care about him.
Why does Atticus go to the jail one night? To prevent Tom Robinson’s lynching.
Why could Tom Robinson could not have beaten Mayella Ewall? He had a crippled arm.
What happens as Atticus leaves the courtroom after the trial? All the negroes stand up.
How does Mr. Underwood describes Tom Robinson’s situation? A senseless slaughter.
Who attacks Jem and Scout? Bob Ewall
What Atticus and the Heck Tate decide to tell the town about how Bob Ewall died? Ewall fell on his knife.

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