To Kill a Mockingbird: Film Questions

Where does this movie take place? What year is it? Maycomb, Alabama; 1930s
Describe what Atticus does to calm Mrs. Dubose. He compliments her garden
Who is supposed to get the pearl necklace when Atticus dies? Scout
What did Judge Taylor ask Atticus to do? To take the Tom Robinson case
What do the kids go to the courthouse to see? Where Boo Radley has been locked up and Atticus’s trial
Why do the kids spit on the gate as they sneak into Boo Radley’s yard? So it wouldn’t squeak
Why does Atticus say his father would not let him kill a mockingbird? It was a sin because they do no harm by making music
What did Atticus say is the main reason he’s defending Tom Robinson? If he didn’t, he couldn’t keep his head up in town and his kids wouldn’t listen to him
Why did the sheriff move Tom from the town jail? It was safer for him because the trial was the next day
Why do they claim that Tom confessed to the crime he is accused of committing? If they have a confession, the trial is easier to win
Why does Atticus say he has pity for Mayella? She’s poverty-stricken, ignorant, and she doesn’t have power
After the verdict, why do you think there is complete silence in the courtroom? Everyone knew Tom wasn’t guilty

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