To Kill a Mockingbird – Conflicts

Man vs. Society Atticus vs. Racism in the town of Maycomb A prime example of man vs society is when Atticus agrees to defend Tom Robinson. Because Tom is black and the setting is during a time of racial discrimination. Atticus is looked upon poorly, threatened, and even harassed for being Tom’s Lawyer.Tom Robinson vs. Maycomb because everyone believes he is guilty
Good vs. Evil / Right vs. Wrong The good and truth of proving Tom’s innocence vs. the racist actions of the prejudice citizens of the town
Man vs. Man -Boo Radley and his father. …-Miss Caroline and Scout. …-Miss Caroline and Burris Ewell. …-Scout and Walter Cunningham Jr. Scout beat up Walter after she determined it was his fault that she got in trouble with Miss Caroline.-Scout and Calpurnia. George Ewell vs. Boo Radley. In the conclusion of the novel, Ewell goes after Scout and Jem on their way home. To save them Boo leaves his house and kills Ewell in a fight.
Man vs. Himself Atticus vs. Himself his struggle with protecting his children yet still defending what is right by representing Tom Robinson. The Sheriff vs. Himself. In the end when Boo kills Ewell he must make a decision whether to lie or arrest Boo. He decides that the whole incident was an accident and that Ewell fell on his own knife. The decision to lie was a struggle for the Sheriff. If he convicted Boo it would have been like killing a Mockingbird.

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