To Kill a Mockingbird Comprehension Questions Test Review

What is Scout’s real name? Jean Louise
Who does Dill live with in the summer? his aunt Rachel
Where is Dill originally from? Meridian, Mississippi
How much older than Scout is Jem? four years
Who is Scout’s first grade teacher? Miss Caroline
What happens to make Scout’s teacher cry? Burris calls her names
What does Scout’s teacher tell Scout to stop doing? reading
What family lives by a separate set of rules, according to Atticus? For instance, the are allowed to hunt out of season. the Ewells
What does Walter Cunningham do to his food that makes Scout make fun of him and Calpurnia punish Scout? he pours syrup on it
What advice does Atticus give Scout to help her understand her teacher a little better? “climb into [her] skin and walk around in it”
What is the first thing that Scout finds in the tree in front of the Radley’s house? chewing gum
What is the second thing that Scout finds in the tree in front of the Radley’s house? two pennies
When Dill first returns to Maycomb, what do the kids decide to do? roll each other in an old tire
Where does Scout end up at the end of the game they play when Dill first returns to Maycomb? in the Radley’s front yard
What does Jem tell Scout to do when she first tells him about the first thing she found in the Radley’s tree? spit it out
What game do the kids play for the majority of their second summer? Boo Radley
What does Atticus tell them to do once he finds out what they’re playing? stop at once
What does Miss Maudie say when Scout asks her if Boo Radley is “crazy”? “if he’s not he should be by now”
What is a “foot-washer,” according to Miss Maudie? a fundamentalist Baptist
What are the figures that Jem and Scount find in the tree made of? soap
Who fills the hole in the tree with cement? Mr. Radley
Why does Mr. Radley say he filled the hole in the tree? the tree is dead
Whose death that winter “caused hardly a ripple”? Mrs. Radley’s
Whose likeness do the kids originally make out of snow? Mr. Avery
Whose likeness do they change the snowman to? Miss Maudie
Whose house catches on fire? Miss Maudie’s
Who jumps out of the top window of the house on fire and lands in the shrubbery? Mr. Avery
With whom does Scout fight in the schoolyard for insulting Atticus? Cecil Jacobs
What is the name of Scout and Jem’s uncle? Jack
Who told Scout that Atticus was once called “One-Shot Finch”? Miss Maudie
What is Tom Robinson’s wife’s name? Helen
Who is Calpurnia’s son? Zeebo
What does Jem read to Mrs. Dubose? Ivanhoe
What is Mrs. Dubose addicted to? morphine
What is the name of the dog that Atticus shoots? Tim Johnson
Who tells Calpurnia that she “ain’t got no business bringin’ white chillun” to the black church? Lula
What is the name of the pastor at Calpurnia’s church? Rev. Sykes
What’s the name of the Sheriff of Maycomb? Heck Tate
What does Mrs. Dubose leave Mr. Jem after she dies? a flower
Who is the sheriff moving to the county jail for trial during chapters 13-16? Tom Robinson
What does the mob in front of the jail intend to do to Tom? hang him
Who does Scout pick out of the crowd at the jail? Walter Cunningham
Who wants to have Calpurnia fired for taking the kids to church? Alexandra
Who comes to stay with the Finches during the trial? Alexandra
Who appears in the middle of the night at the Finches’? Dill
Where do the black folks sit for the trial? upstairs
What is the name of the white man married to the black woman? Dolphus Raymon
What does the white man married to the black woman drink out of a paper bag? Coca-cola
Who is the first one to testify at the trial? Heck Tate

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