To Kill a Mockingbird Characters

Jean Louise Finch (Scout) 6-8. narrator. tomboy
Rose Aylmer Uncle Jack’s yellow female cat
Jeremy Atticus Finch (Jem) 10-12. Scout’s brother/playmate. logical one. looks up to Atticus
Atticus Finch Scout’s father. lawyer. causes stir in town by defending Tom Robinson. 50-years-old. “one shot Finch”
Charles Baker Harris (Dill) Stays with Miss Rachel (aunt) during summer. 7-9. Scout and Jem’s playmate. no dad. Scout’s fiancĂ©. loves movies and acting
John Hale Finch (Uncle Jack) doctor that lives in Boston. scolds Scout for cussing. comes home every Christmas. the kids like him
Miss Rachel Haviford Finch’s neighbor. Dill’s aunt
Miss Stephanie Crawford Town gossip. not well liked. Miss Maudie stays with her after her house burned
Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose Morphine addict. Finch’s neighbor. mean/ rude. Punishes Jem by making him read to her. “Dies Free”
Aurther Radley (Boo) mystery surrounded. locked in house since a teenager when locked Mr. Connor in an outhouse. foot-washing Baptist. mid/upper thirties
Mr. Radley Boo’s dad. Foot-washing Baptist. dies of natural causes
Mrs. Radley Boo’s mother. dies during winter
Nathan Radley stays with Boo after parents die. walks every morning. will say hi to the kids. fills tree hole with cement
Francis Hancock Scout’s 2nd cousin. older than Scout. rude/mean. Scout beats up after he calls Atticus a N-lover
Aunt Alexandra Hancock lives at Finch’s landing. good cook. Francis’s grandma. judgmental and proper. comes to live with the Finch’s during summer of trial. wants Scout to act like a girl
Uncle Jimmy Hancock Aunty’s husband. once told Scout to get off the fence
Herny Hancock Aunty’s son. Scout/Jem’s cousin. Fancis’s father. leaved Francis at Finch’s Landing during Christmas
Mr. Dick Avery Grumpy. accuses kids for making it snow. boards at Miss Rachel’s. sneezes and pees of balcony
Miss Caroline Fisher Scout’s first grade teacher. scolds Scout for knowing how to read and write.”dewy decimal system”
Walter Cunningham Jr. Scout beats up for getting her in trouble on first day of school. pours syrup all over food. poor but respectable
Calpurnia mother figure to Scout and Jem. Black
Burris Ewell ditry. very mean. only goes to school for first day. “cootie” in hair
Tom Robinson Black man Atticus is defending. accused of raping Mayella. later dies trying to escape prison- 17 shots
Cecil Jacobs Classmate/friend of Scout. Calls Atticus a N-Lover. lives by post office
Tim Robinson rabid dog that Atticus shoots
Miss Maudie Atkinson A kind, cheerful neighbor and trusted friend of Scout. upholds a strong moral code. helps the children gain perspective on the events surrounding the trial. loves baking and gardening
Walter Conningham Sr. Atticus was lawyer for entailment case
Zeebo Calpurnia’s son. garbage man. leads hymns in church
Heck Tate police officer. asked Atticus to shoot Tim Jonhson. testifies for the trial
Bob Ewell Mayella and Burris’s father. dirty
Dr. Renals town doctor
Eula May town operator
Jessie Mrs. Dubose’s caretaker. black
Lula black. does not want Scout or Jem at her chruch
Reverend Sykes Minister at First Purchase Church. sits with children at trial
Mr. Connor deputy that Boo locked in outhouse
Simon Finch original Finch in U.S founded Finch’s Landing
Little Chuck Little Scout’s classmate. gentleman. helps Miss Caroline
Helen Robinson Tom’s wife. 3 kids. cannot get a job
Judge John Taylor jugde in case. fair. chews cigars
Mayella Violet Ewell accuses Tom of raping her. tries to keep clean. maintains pretty red flowers in backyard
Mr. Link Deas Tom Robinson’s employer. not racist
Dolphus Raymond pretends to be an alcoholic so not questioned. prefers blacks over whites. has black wife and mixed children
Mr. Horace Gilmer Mayella’s lawyer. cast in one eye

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