To Kill a Mockingbird Character List

Simon Finch Ancestor to Scout and Jem
Scout Main character; narrator; starts in first grade; reads well
Jem Scout’s brother
Dill Best friend to Jem and Scout; lives in Mississippi; visits during summer
Boo Radley Man who supposedly is crazy next door; never comes out
Atticus Father of Jem and Scout
Calpurnia Scout and Jem’s cook; been there since Scout was little;
Miss Stephanie Crawford Town gossip- woman
Mr.(Nathan) Radley Boo’s father; very mean tempered
Miss Caroline (Fischer) Scout’s teacher; doesn’t like Scout reading; doesn’t understand customs
Walter Cunningham Boy in Scout’s class; doesn’t take anything that he can’t repay
Little Chuck Little Poor boy in Scout’s class who was a gentleman
Burris Ewell First day of school had a “Cootie”, bad temper; only came first day to class
Miss Maudie Atkinson Old woman who lived near Scout; very nice; often gave them food; loved flowers
Jack Finch Scout’s uncle; Atticus’ brother; wanted Miss Maudie to marry him; Scout loves him
Eula May Maycomb’s leading telephone operator
Dr. Reynolds Maycomb’s doctor
Mr. Avery Overweight neighbor who thinks that it is snowing bc Scout and Jem are bad
Cecil Jacobs A boy in Scout’s school who bullied Scout (bc of Atticus’ case)
Ike Finch Maycomb’s sole surviving Confederate soldier (Scout’s cousin)
Aunt Alexandra Atticus’ sister; though Scout should act like a lady; comes and stays with Atticus
Rose Aylmer Uncle Jack’s cat
Francis Scout’s cousin, pretentious
Tom Robinson Black man who Atticus is defending
Ewell Family Family Atticus is against in the case
Mrs. (Henry Lafayette) Dubose Mean old woman who lived 2 doors down from Scout, Jem cut her flowers bc he got mad and had to read to her
Tim Johnson Mad dog
Mr. Heck Tate Sheriff of Maycomb County
Zeebo Garbage collector; goes to Calpurnia’s church; music superintendent at church
Jessie Mrs. Dubose’s black helper
Part Two Part Two
Lula Black woman from Calpurnia’s church who didn’t like white people
Reverend Sykes Reverend from Calpurnia’s church; lets Scout and Jem sit with him in court
Miss Buford Miss Maudie’s aunt; taught Calpurnia how to read
Mr. Link Deas Wants a change of location for Tom Robinson, part of group who comes to Atticus’ door; interrupts trial to say Tom has given him no trouble
Mr. Underwood Publisher of the newspaper, lived near the jail
Mr. Cunningham Walter’s father, part of group that came to the jail, called off the group when Scout talked to him about his entailment
Mr. Dolphus Raymond A drunk in Maycomb who always drinks out of a paper bag; turns out to only drink Coke and is nice to Jem and Scout
Mr. Gilmer Solicitor in Tom’s case
Mayella Ewell Bob Ewell’s Daughter who accused Tom of raping her
Uncle Jimmy Aunt Alexandra’s husband; rarely talks
Lily Brooke Cousin of Scout’s that she doesn’t realize is her cousin; Aunt Alexandra gets mad at her for not knowing
Cousin Joshua Cousin of Scout’s that went to jail; wrote a book
Maxwell Green New lawyer in Maycomb who normally takes court- appointed defenses; needs experience
Mrs. Grace Merriweather Was part of Aunt Alexandra’s missionary circle; most devout woman in Maycomb County; very talkative and opinionated
Mrs. (Gertrude) Fallow Was part of Aunt Alexandra’s missionary circle; second most devout woman in Maycomb County;
Helen Robinson Tom’s wife
Miss Gates Scout’s 3rd grade teacher; hates Hitler
Miss Tutti and Frutti Barber Maiden sisters who were deaf and had their house broken into on Halloween

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