To kill a mockingbird chapters 4-6

What does Scout find and why is it particularly interesting? -two live oak trees at the edge of the Radley house – tinfoil is sticking out of one of the trees and its a piece of gum that Scout takes home and analyzes it before eating it -this is interesting because this is on the lot that the Radley’s house sat on which is where no one goes yet there are two trees and a piece of gum that Scout takes
How does Jem get even with Scout? -he rolled the tire she was in and pushed the tire down the sidewalk with all the force in his body and she landed in the Radley yard
How do the kids pass the time away each day? What activities do they do? -they read and reenact what was happening -they also played a new game called Boo Radley where they acted out everything that they heard about the Ridleys
On there way home from there last day of school what do jem and scout see -another piece of tinfoil in the same knothole
What did Jem and scout see on their front porch? and what was inside? -a small box patched worked with bits of tinfoil collected from gum rappers- they found two shinny pennies inside -they were “Indian head” and they were from the 1900s
What did they plan on doing with the pennies -keeping them until school started and then go around and ask if they were anyones
What does Jem say about Indian Heads that they come from indians and are good luck
Who came two days after they found the pennies Dill and he had ridden the train by himself from Meridian to Maycomb
What does Scout say about summer – it was her and jems best season: it was sleeping on a cots, trying to sleep in the treehouse, etc, but they also got to see Dill
When dill came who did he say that he saw his father
What did Dill say he learned from an old lady how to smell death and tell the person that they are going to die
What does Jem say a “Hot Steam” is somebody who can’t get into heaven and just walks on lonesome roads and if you walk into one, when you die you will be one too
After Jems story about the hot steams what do the children do -play with a tire to pass the time
When Jem push the tire down the sidewalk with all the force in his body where did scout land in front of the Radley house
After the tire incident what did Jem want to play Boo Radley (a new game) which progressed into having dialogue, and a plot, and settings until it became like a small play
While playing the game who caught them and why did Jem lie about it Atticus and Jem lied because he wanted to keep playing without getting in any type of trouble
What where the 2 reasons scout want to stop playing -Atticus’s arrival and being rolled into the Radley’s yard
Chapter 5
Who grew incredible close over the summer Jem and dill
What did dill do to scout told her he loved her and then neglected her
Who did scout then spend most of her summer with Miss Maudie
What was the deal they made with her that they could play on the lawn, eat if they didn’t jump on the arbor, and didn’t run through her flowers and they could explore the cast back lost,
Who is Miss Maudie? -lady in the neighborhood-benign presence (pleasant to be around)-hated her house-spent time inside and was a widow-worked on her flower beds -loved everything that grew in God’s earth-knew Uncle jack finch since they were kids
What did Miss Maudie say about Arthur Radley after scout asked if he was dead that he was still alive because she hadn’t seen him being carried out yet
What did the foot-washers tell her that her and her flowers were going to burn in hell because she spends too much time reading the bible
What is Dill and Jem’s plan? – to give a note to Boo Radley(arthur) and tell him that he should come out and tell them what he does in that house andthey would buy him ice cream
How are the boys being mean to Scout? -they are not including her in anything and when they do its only to be a look out while they put a note inside Boo Radleys house
Was Jem able to successful put the letter in the house? and who caught him? No and Atticus and he had to give atticus the letter
What did attics tell them -that if he wanted to come out he could but he doesn’t and to bother with the house and stay away from there
why did atticus get mad – because jem said he was making fun of the radleys
chapter 6
Who’s leaving soon? and what does Jem ask his father? Dill is leaving and Jem asked if he and scout could go to sit by Miss Rachel’s fishpool with dill
What plan do Dill and Jem have in Chp 6? -Dill says they should go for a walk but scout knows that they really want to go peep into the window with the loose shutter to see if they could get a look at Boo Radley
Why did the boys want to do this at night so no one could see them and so Atticus wouldn’t know
What happens? – they go into the back yard of the house and see a shadow with a man with a hat on- scout tripped because a gun shot was fired – Jem looses his pants-after they escape Nathan Radley was standing outside of the house with a shotgun because he shot a “Negro” but someone told he shot the air not the negro
What lie does Jem tell? -about where his pants where and Dill covered it up by saying he won them from him by playing poker
After the gathering at the Radley house because of the gun shot, when Jem and scout are going to bed where does Jem want to go? -he wants to go get his pants back but scout doesn’t want him to go -but scout then finally lets him go but she sits on the porch and waits for him -finally returns with his pants

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