To kill a mockingbird Chapters 15-16

Chapter 15
Who goes to talk to Atticus Mr.Heck Tate
What did scout say were the only two reasons in Maycomb grown men stood outside in the front yard death and politics
When atticus came back inside what did jem think the men were there for to attack atticus because he thought they were a gang
Why has a group of men come to talk to Atticus? The men are concerned about what might happen when Tom Robinson is moved back into the Maycomb jail.
From whom to whom is this quote spoken to, what is happening in this scene and why is it significant?”… in favor of Southern womanhood as much as anybody, but not for preserving polite fiction at the expense of human life,” From Atticus to Aunt Alexandra and this is the conversation that Atticus and Alexandra are having when Dill and Scout returned home and were overhearing their conversationSignificance: This is significant because Atticus is referring to previous trial and he is saying that women are pure and great but not at the expense of telling a lie about the case or the trial
Later that night, Atticus said he was taking the car and something else… what was he taking he was carrying a long electrical extension cord and at the end was a light bulb
What did scout say was unusually about Atticus that night Atticus was taking the car and he never takes the car he always walks everywhere because Atticus said that that walking was his only exercise
What did scout say about if one individual went for a walk that is one went for a walk, with no definite purpose in mind it was correct to believe that one’s mind was incapable of a definite purpose
Later on that evening, after Atticus had left, what did Jem and Scout do to be able to get Dills attention when they snuck out of the house -leaped over the driveway wall-cut throughMiss Rachel’s side yard and went to Dills window-Jem whistled bob-white and then Dill’s face popped out -Dill then unhooked the screen and crawled out of the window
Where did the children find atticus The Macomb Tribune Office(the county jail)
Why didn’t Jem want Scout to go to her father ASK!
While the children are waiting (but not being scene by) for Atticus,….. What happens there is a mob who comes and and they are there to linch Mr.Robinson and they are willing to hurt Atticus to do it
While the children are watching why does scout run to Atticus? and Why does jem try to stop her? -Scout thinks that they are the same men from earlier but they aren’t-Jem doesn’t want scout to go because he understands what the men want to do to Atticus and Mr.Robinson but scout doesn’t
When atticus wants the children to go home, why does Jem refuse to take scout, dill and himself home because he knows that once they leave Atticus will be in danger
How does Scout unintentionally help when she realizes that Mr. Cunningham, Walter Cunningham’s father is there? The mob intends to lynch Tom Robinson. Scout, in all innocence, asks one of the members of the mob, Mr. Cunningham, to deliver greetings to his son. Thisreminds Mr. Cunningham that he, too, is a father – like Atticus – and that he is behaving shamefully. Mr. Cunningham then tells the mob to turn around and gohome. He stands up for what is right and the others follow him.
At the end of the chapter, who do we hear from for the first time in the novel? We hear from Tom Robinson for the first time.
When Atticus decided to take the children home himself that night, what did Scout think that Atticus was doing to Jem while her and Dill were walking much slower behind she thought that Atticus was giving Jem hell for not going home, but she was wrong
What happened with Atticus and Jem after they passed the streetlight Atticus reached over and massaged Jem’s hair, “his one gesture of affection…”
Chapter 16
How do we see Aunt Alexandra to be too concerned with appearances in the beginning of chapter 16? -She remarks at breakfast that Atticus shouldn’t talk about Negroes in from of Calpurnia because blacks gossip.
How does Atticus put her in her place? -Atticus puts her in her place by telling her that anything fit to say in front of the family is fit to say in front of Calpurnia. -He also says, “Maybe if we didn’t givethem so much to talk about they’d be quiet.”
What does Atticus explain to the children about Mr.Cunningham -that Mr. Cunningham is basically a good man he just had a lot of blind spots -that yes he was apart of a mob the night before but he is still a man
What did the Jem say about Mr.X Billups he was a funny man and that he was in court one time and they asked him his name and he said X Billups and he said that X was is name not and initial
When the children asked Miss Maudie if she was going to court what did she say No because ” Its morbid watching a poor devil on trial for his life…”
When the children asked Miss Maudie to elucidate about Miss Stephanie what did she say that Miss Stephine seemed to know more about the case and that she may as well be called on to testify
Why is everyone in Maycomb heading into town? To go and watch the Tom Robinson case and to pick the jury
In the eyes of the community, what is Dolphus Raymond’s problem? Mr. Dolphus Raymond likes “the colored folks” better than his own (white) kind.
What did Jem tell Dill and Scout regarding why Dolphus Raymond drink that he has been drinking ever since his soon to be wife killed herself
When scout asked Jem what a mixed child was what did he say that the child was half white and have black
why did the children wait to go into the court house because Jem didn’t know if Atticus would have been okay with the fact of his children being there
What news did scout find out while sitting in the courthouse that atticus has to defend Mr.Robinson weather he wanted to or not
When Jem, scout and dill realized there were no seats left for where the white people sat where did they end up sitting with reverend sykes in the black people area
When the children received their seats who did they see in the witness stand Mr.Heck Tate

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