To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 13-15

How can Lula’s antagonism be categorized as? Racism
Name differences between Scout’s church and First Purchase. First Purchase: no hymn books, unceiled and unpainted, no piano, no organ, no church programs / Scout’s church: hymn books, ceiled and painted, piano, organ, and church programs
Why does Cal speak one way around blacks and another way around whites? It seems more cultural and appropriate, she knows if she talks formerly like whites then the blacks won’t see her too much as a part of their community since blacks and whites are so separated
What does Cal compare to when speaking one way around blacks and whites? If Scout and Jem would talk like blacks at home
Why does Aunt Alexandra move in? She especially wants to provide feminine influence for Scout, wants to become a mother figure for children, she would watch the kids during the summer
Why is Atticus’s speech a form of hypocrisy? He is telling Jem and Scout to act as Aunt Alexandra believes so the words aren’t really coming from him
Who is Reverend Sykes? Reverend of First Purchase, he is respectful and short, friend of Calpurnia’s, locks everyone in church until $10 is collected
Who is Bob Ewell? Burris Ewell’s father, accused Tom Robinson of rape, alcoholic
Who is Tom Robinson? Atticus’s client, black, friend of Calpurnia’s, accused of rape
Why do Scout and Jem get into a fist fight? Jem claims his superiority over Scout which angers her and angers her more by saying if she didn’t respect Aunt Alexandra he’d spank her
What is hiding under Scout’s bed? Dill
How does Jem break the “remaining code of childhood”? He tells Atticus about Dill, Dill didn’t want anybody to know he’d run away from his parents
Why did Dill run away from his parents? He felt he was a burden who hadn’t paid enough attention to him because it wasn’t that they didn’t love him but he though it was a “here’s-a-toy-go-play-with-it” type of relationship
Why did the first group of men come to see Atticus? They were his friends and they came to discuss the case of Tom and were reviewing Tom’s sending to jail
Why did the second group of men come to see Atticus? They wanted to get a look at Tom Robinson while he had been sleeping and possibly hurt him, they were threatening and intimidating him into not representing Tom anymore
Why isn’t Heck Tate there? He was apparently called on a snipe hunt and was deep into the woods by now
How does Scout break up the mob? She goes up to Walter Cunningham and starts talking to him (entailments, Walter Jr., reminds him how nice Atticus had been to his family)

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