To Kill A Mockingbird – Chapters 13-14

Why did Aunt Alexandra come to stay with the Finch family? To give Scout a feminine influence.
In Maycomb, what does “for awhile” mean? Anything from 3 days to 30 years.
What does “nome” mean? No ma’am
How did Maycomb welcome Aunt Alexandra? Miss Maudie baked a cake, Miss Stephanie came over for long visits, Miss Rachel had Aunty over for coffee, Mr. Nathan Radley came over to the front yard and said hello.
What is another name for The War Between the States The Civil War
Why did people in Maycomb start to look faintly alike? The same families married the same families.
What does Aunt Alexandra ask Atticus to talk to the children about? The fact that they are Finches and they must live up to their name by behaving like a lady and gentleman.
Does Atticus agree with what Aunt Alexandra says about how Finches should act? No, he tells the children to forget that they should “act like Finches”
How does Atticus explain rape to Scout? The carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent.
Why won’t Aunt Alexandra let Scout go visit Calpurnia’s house? It would be improper for a white lady to visit a black woman’s home
What does Aunt Alexandra want Atticus to do about Calpurnia? Fire her
What are some of the reasons Attius won’t get rid of Calpurnia? She’s a faithful member of the family; she raised the kids well; the kids love her…multiple answers possible
What does Jem tell Scout not to do? What does he say he’ll do to Scout if she disobeys? Not to antagonize Aunty. He’ll spank her.
Does Scout have to mind Jem, according to Atticus? Only if he can make her.
What does Scout think is under her bed? A snake.
What is actually under her bed? Dill
What is Dill’s first story of how he got to Maycomb? His new father didn’t like him, so he tied him up in the basement. A passing farmer kept him alive by passing him peas through the vent. Dill pulled his chains from the wall and escaped to an animal carnival where he was in charge of washing the camel. He traveled all over Mississippi before he ended up right across the river from Maycomb.
How did Dill really get to Maycomb? He took money from his mother’s purse and caught the train to Maycomb junction. He walked most of the way to Maycomb from the train and rode a short distance on the back of a cotton wagon.
How does Atticus act when he sees Dill? Tells him to take a bath and get something to eat. He then goes over to Miss Rachel’s to let Dill’s family know he’s alright and to see if he can spend the night.
Why did Dill run away? He thought his parents weren’t interested in him and that they got along better without him.
What does Dill suggest he and Scout do? Get a baby.

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