To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 12-15

How old does Jem turn? 12
What does he act like? moody, large appetite, told Scout what to do, alien set of values, more wise
What did Scout do when she was lonely? went to kitchen with Cal
Why didn’t Dill come that summer? he had a new father and they were planning to build a fishing boat
Why did Atticus leave for two weeks? emergency session for state legislature
What was in a cartoon about Atticus? “Maycomb’s Finch” showed Atticus barefooted in short pants, chained to a desk, writing on a slate with girls looking at him
What happened one time at church with Jem and Scout? the class tied Eunice Ann Simpson to a chair and placed her in the furnace room, during church sermon they all heard a banging from downstairs
What church did Cal go to? First Purchase African M.E. Church
Why was it called this? it was paid for from the first earnings of freed slaves (negros worshiped in it on Sundays and white men gambled in it on weekends
What was beside the church? a cemetery
What did the people at the church do when they saw Scout and Jem? men stepped back and took off their hats, women crossed their arms at waists- gestures of respect
Who confronts Cal sassily and meanly? Lulu
What does Lulu say to Cal? How does Cal respond? she has to business bringing white children here- they got their church and we got ours.We all have the same God
Who was the “preacher” of the church? Reverend Sykes
Why was Lulu mad? Reverend Sykes threatened to church her
What was it like inside the church? unceiled and unpainted, unlighted kerosene lamps, pine benches as pews, faded pink banner
How much did Jem and Scout put in the offering jar (coffee can)? a dime (from Cal)
How did the people sing? By lining- someone read a line and then the people sang the line back
Who did the lining? Zeebo
Why did they do lining? they couldn’t afford all the books plus no one could read
What was the collection of money taken up for? Helen, Tom Robinson’s wife
Why did Reverend Sykes tell Alec to close the door? no body could leave until they gathered $10 for Helen
Why were they collecting money for Helen? she has 3 little kids, and she can’t find any work because of her husband’s reputation
What was Tom Robinson said to have done? accused of raping Mr. Bob Ewell’s girl
When does Cal celebrate her birthday? Why? Christmas cuz she doesn’t want to keep count
Who was Zeebo? Cal’s oldest son
How did Cal teach Zeebo to read? made him read a page of the Bible every day and Granddaddy Finch’s Blackstone’s Commentaries
Where did Cal grow up? Finch Landing= worked for Finches and Bufords
Why does Cal talk like the rest of the people at her church? she would feel out of place, and people don’t like having somebody that knows more than they do- it aggravates them
What does Scout want to do with Cal? see her out at her house after work
Who was sitting in the rocking chair in the Finch’s front porch? Aunt Alexandra
Why was Aunt Alexandra there? her and Atticus decided it was time she came to stay with them for awhile so Scout would have some feminine influence.
How did Aunt Alexandra get along with the rest of Maycomb? very well- acted as if she was there all her life
Who does Jem know that wrote a book Aunt Alexandra showed him and what does he know about him/her? Cousin Joshua- locked up because he tried to shoot the president
What did Aunt Alexandra want the children to learn? About their family’s history and how they affected Maycomb and how they should act accordingly
What did Scout do when Atticus told her she needed to live up to her name and behave more like a lady? she cried because her father never talked like this and it wasn’t like him
What did Atticus want Scout to do about learning all about the Finches? forget it
Who told Scout she couldn’t go over to Cal’s house? What did Atticus say about this? Aunt Alexandra; that Scout had to listen to her aunt as long as she lived in their house
Why did Scout feel like running away? she heard Atticus and Aunt Alexandra talking about someone- saying they have to do something about her, they have let things go on too long… Scout thought they were talking about her (really Cal)
What does Atticus say when Aunt Alexandra wants to get rid of Cal? she is not leaving until she wants to- she is a faithful member of the family and has helped them out a lot, the children love her
What has Scout never saw before? Atticus quarrel with anyone
What does Scout do when Jem tries to tell her what to do-not to antagonize Aunty? she gets mad that he is telling her what to do and acts like he is superior to her and tells her he is going to spank her- Scout yells at him and jumps onto him and they start fighting and brawling
Why is Scout glad that Jem is fighting back? it meant that they were still equals
What does Scout step on and what does she think it is? something warm and smooth- Dill. snake
What does Jem do about the “snake”? gets a broom and tries to get it out of under the bed
What did Dill look like? very dirty and was very hungry
Why did Dill run away? his father wasn’t interested in him and they never hung out- always wanted to be alone
What does Jem do when he finds Dill? goes and tells Atticus
Who does Dill end up sleeping with? at first Jem, then Scout
What explanation does Dill say why Boo Radley has never ran off? he doesn’t have anywhere to run off to
What does Dill say Scout and him should get? Where from? a baby, from a foggy island and they order one
Could Dill stay in maycomb? yes
How long did dill and scout have peace together? a week until a night mare was upon them
what had jem outgrown but ht dies he help scout and dill make? the treehouse. helps make a new rope ladder for it
what is Dill’s “plan” to make boo radley come out? place a trail of lemon drops from the back door to the front yard and he’d follow it like an ant
who was at the door? mr. heck tate, mr. link deas, mr. reynolds, mr. avery
what were two reasons men stood outside in the front yard? death and politics
how did jem spy on atticus and the men outside his front door? turned off the lights and looked through the window screen
what did mr. link dead say that was to worry about? old sarum bunch
what was atticus’s dangerous question? do u really think so
what did jem think the men outside the door were? a gang
What does Aunt Alexandra think about the Tom Robinson case? that he’s disgracing the family
Why is Jem scared? that somebody might hurt Atticus
Who was Mr. Underwood? he was the owner, editor, and printer of The Maycomb Tribune, he always stayed in his office and news was brought to him.
Where did they move Tom Robinson to the maycomb jail
Where did Atticus like to be by himself? at church
How did Dill and Scout spend their Sunday? creeping around in Deer’s Pasture, kicking Jem’s football
What was Atticus carrying as he left the house? a long electrical extension cord with a light bulb on the end
What was some of Atticus’s “few peculiarities”? he didn’t like dessert and he liked to walk
What was Jem doing at night and what time was this? he was going downtown to see where Atticus was at 10:00
What did Jem and Scout do before they left? got Dill from his window
how did jem get did out from his room and sleep? whisteled bob white
where was atticus’s office? maycomb bank building
what was the most venerable and hideous of the county’s buildings? maycomb jail- victorian gothic style
where did the kids find atticus? in front of the maycomb jail’s front door, reading
what came up in front of atticus? 4 dusty cars
was atticus surprised at the arrival of the men? no he seemed to be expecting them
where was mr. heck tate? he was called off on a snipe hunt in the woods
why did scout run up to atticus? what did atticus look like hen he saw scour? he said do u really think so again and it meant somebody’s man would get jumped and it wad too good to missa flag f feat in his eyes
who were the men in the circle? strangers except mr. cunningham
what question would jem not do that atticus asked him? to take scout and dill home
how did jem look like his mother and noth atticus? jem- soft brown hair and eyes, oval face, snug fitting earsatticus- graying black hair and square cut featuresmutual defiance made them alike
why did scout kick one of the men? they grabbed jem by the collar and nearly yanked him off his feet telling him to go home
what did scout talk to mr. cunningham about? his son walter and his entailment
what happened when scout was talking to mr. cunningham? she was basically talking to the whole group- everyone was staring at her with their mouth’s half open including atticusmr. cunningham then squatted down and took her by both shoulders saying “ill tell him u said hey little lady” and told the group to clear out
who was covering atticus? mr. underwood
what was fill carrying on the walk home? mr. finch’s chair
what did atticus do to jem becuz he didnt go home? massaged jem’s hair- his one gesture of affection

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