To kill a mockingbird chapters 12-14

Chapter 12
What’s going on with Jem? he was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody -seemed as if he acquired an alien set of values and was tying to impose them on scout overnight
when summer came why wasn’t dill going to maycomb he wrote a letter saying he had a new father who planned on building a fishing boat with Dill
How did dill conclude his letter by saying that he would love scout and not to worry because he would come and marry her one day
Where is Atticus and why – he is out of town for two weeks – the state legislature was called into an emergency session
What happened the last time scout and jem went to church on their own they tied Eunice Ann to a chair and left it in the furnace room and later they had forgotten her so while they went back down to the sermon it was interrupted by a loud banging from the radiator pipes
Since calpurina didn’t want the children to go to their church alone what did she suggest for them to join her at her church
Why couldn’t calpurnia just go to the Finch’s church because she was not welcomed there since she was african american
What was Calpurina’s church called and why First Purchase beach it was paid for from the first earnings of slaves.
Who worshiped in the church on weekends and who went there on weekdays African americans worshiped there on Sunday’s and White men gambled there on weekdays
What happens at Cal’s church? – A woman named Lula is not fond of two white children being invited to the church and caused a small confrontation with calpurina in front of the rest of the church people
Who is Zeebo he is calpurinas son
Why should most of the african american people be ok with the finch children coming into there church because atticus is defending Tom Robison who is an african american
What does scout notice that the church doesn’t have Hymn books
The money that was going to be collected at the church who was it for and what happened when the church did not receive ten dollars for it – Tom Robisons wife, Helen and they told the people that nobody was leaving until they received ten dollars for her
What does calpurnia say Bob Ewalls is accusing Tom Robison of raping his girl and he had him arrested and put in jail
What day does Calpurina say her “birthday” is because its easier to remember christmas
Who was sitting on the porch as they were coming back from church Aunt Alexandra
Chapter 13
Who has decided to live with the family? and why? Aunt Alexandra because she says that since the kids are getting older she wants to see them and she also said that its would be best for scout to have some feminine influence
How did everyone in the neighborhood welcome Alexandra Miss Maudie:baked a cake Miss Stephanie: had long visits with herMiss Rachel: had coffeeNathan Radley: went to the front yard and said he was glad to see her
What were Alexandra’s royal prerogatives she would arrange, advise, caution, and warn
Aunt Alexandra is very concerned with family lineage. Why? she is concerned because the children don’t really know where they come from or who some of their family members are
Who is Cousin Joshua he wrote a book and then got locked up because atticus says that he tried to shoot the president and he wasn’t anything but a sewer- inspector
What does Atticus try to do? -he talks to the children about the facts of life – Alexandra told Atticus to tell the children that she doesn’t want them to think that they are from “run of the mill” people and that they are the product of several generations of gentle breeding
What did Alexandra tell atticus to tell the children that she wants them to behave like the little lady and gentleman they are and she wants to talk to them about the family and what it meant to Maybcomb through the years
Chapter 14
When scout asks atticus what rape is what does he tell her he said it was carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent
Was Atticus happy when he found out the kids went to calpurnias church yes but aunt alexandra was not
When alexandra says she want calpurnia out of the house what does atticus say that they need her and she doesn’t have to leave until she wants to and she basically raised the children as if they were her own
What does jem say is making atticus worry the Tom Robison case
After Jem tells scout not to bother Alexandra what happens jem and scout get into a fight
Who arrives in town? and where is he hiding Dill and he is hiding under jems bed
When atticus finds out dill is there what happens -he asks scout to get him some food – and told him to take a bath and go to bed
when Scout asks dill about boo radley being able to run off what does he say “maybe he doesn’t have anywhere to run off to…”

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