To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 1-8

When and where does the story take place? Maycomb, Alabama in the 1930’s. Maycomb is boring, hot, and old
Who are the members of the Finch household? Atticus, Calpurnia, Jem, and Scout
Who is Dill? A seven year old boy who is little, and visits every summer.
Who is Boo Radley? A scary man who lives in an abandoned house and is a trouble maker
Who is Calpurnia and what is she like? A black cook and “mother” to the children, is very strict but loves the kids
Why do the children call their father Atticus? They don’t have a mom, and their father treats them as an equal
From whose point of view is the story told? First-person by Scout Finch
What act of courage did Jem do? He touches the Radleys’ house
What does Scout get in trouble for during school? She can read, she writes to Dill, she “lies” to Miss Caroline, and she defends Walter
What is Scout’s real name? Jean Louise Bullfinch
Why are the townspeople poor? The farmers are poor and so they can’t buy goods from them
What are the Cunninghams like? They are poor, trustworthy, and payback everything they borrow
How do we know that Miss Caroline is sad at the end of the school day? She put her head in her arms, and felt sad and like she failed at teaching
Why does Scout fight Walter? Walter made Miss Caroline mad at Scout
Who is Burris Ewell? What is his family like? He is gross, filthy, mean and only goes to school one day a year. His family is poor and his father is always drunk
What happens when Scout sees things from a different perspective? She sees that what Miss Caroline did was just a mistake because she was new to town
What is the compromise that Atticus suggests? If Scout goes to school, she can keep reading at home
How does Scout view her school? It’s fruitless, tedious, and boring
What is the gifts are found in the tree? The first gift was gum, then pennies
Who put the gifts in the tree? Why? Boo Radley, to show that he’s not that scary
What game do the children play that summer? “Boo Radley”, where they reenact Boo’s crimes
What are two reasons why Scout wanted to stop the game? She thought Atticus was onto them, and she heard someone inside the house laughing (meaning someone was watching them)
What does Scout admire about Miss Maundie? She doesn’t care about Scout’s personal life, and she lets Scout and Jem play in her yard
Why is the Bible in one’s hands sometimes worse than whiskey in another’s? Some people twist the words of the Bible and wreck people’s lives by condemning them, and that is worse than a drunkard
How do the children try to contact Boo? They tie a note to a fishing pole and put it through a window
What do Dill, Jem, and Scout do to learn more about Boo? Look in the window
What happens when Dill looks through the window? They see a shadow of a man pointing at them, then Nathan Radley shoots a gun in the air
Why does Jem go back to the Radley place? To get his pants that he lost when he was running away
What does Jem reveal to Scout about what he found at the Radley house the night they ran away? His pants were folded and sewn up
What other gifts were left in the tree? Gray twine, carved soap, pack of gum, spelling bee medal, and a pocket watch with a knife
What ends the tree gifts? Nathan Radley pours cement in the knothole
What happens to Miss Maundie’s house? Her house catches on fire
What is Miss Maundie’s reaction to the fire? She is speechless, but then is optimistic
What incident happens to the children during the fire? A blanket is put in Scout
Why does Atticus decide to keep the blanket incident secret? To let Scout thank Boo and because Boo didn’t harm the kids

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