To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 1 & 2 Comprehension Check

What happened to Jem when he was nearly 13? He got his arm broken at the elbow.
How did Simon Finch make his money? He was practicing medicine.
Where does this story take place (give details)? Maycomb, Alabama
Why do you think the children call their father Atticus rather than “Dad”? It was out of respect not a close relationship.
What does Atticus Finch do for a living? Lawyer
Who were his first two clients? What happened to them? Why? How did this case change Atticus as a lawyer? The Haverfords, they were hung because they killed a blacksmith over an argument.
What does the author mean by: “There was no hurry, for there was no where to go, nothing to buy and no money to buy it with, nothing to see outside the boundaries of Maycomb County.” Why did the people of Maycomb have “no money”? no one had money because of the Great Depression.
What happened to the narrator’s mother? How did her death affect the narrator? How did it affect Jem? Her mother died when she was two she doesn’t remember her mother, but Jem is still affected by it and remembers her.
Describe Dill. Why has he come to Maycomb? What does Dill claim to have done with the “beautiful child” money? Charles Baker Harris, stays with his Aunt Rachel—he is an orphan who gets passed around to family members.
Explain how the children spent their summer. What did they do for fun? They acted out plays and tried to make Boo come out of his house.
Give 2-3 examples of rumors about the Radley house and its inhabitants. -A “phantom” lives inside—blamed for all evil that took place in Maycomb. -Mr. Radley kept Boo chained to the bed most of the time went out at night and peeped into window and mutilated pets.
What did Arthur Radley and the other boys do that got them in trouble? Why was Arthur locked up in the Radley house? They stole a car and locked up Mr. Connor in the courthouse. They were arrested for disorderly conduct,disturbing the peace, assault and battery, and using profane language in the presence of a female. Boo’s father, decided he would take Boo and lock him up in the house so he would not get in trouble again.
What did Atticus mean when he told the children “there were other ways of making people into ghosts”? There were ways of making people into ghosts by locking them up and forgetting they even exist.
Describe Miss Stephanie Crawford. She was a nosy neighbor and makes up and embellishes stories.
Describe Boo Radley, according to Jem’s description. He was 6 ½ feet tall, dined on raw squirrels and cats, bloodstained hands, a long scar across his face, and teeth were yellow and rotten.
Dill and Jem make a bet at the end of this chapter. What is their deal? What does Jem do to win the bet? Dill said he would give Jem The Gray Ghost if he went up and touched the Radley house.
Describe Miss Caroline. Where is she from? Why does this make her first day as a teacher more difficult? She is a first year teacher from Winston County in North Alabama. People in Maycomb see her as strange because where she is from.
Explain Jem and Scout interpretation of the “Dewey Decimal teaching system” that Miss Caroline uses. You don’t have to learn from books, but rather, learn about cows by going and milking them. According to Scout, it consists of Miss Caroline holding up cards with two words “cat,” “the,” and “ran”.
Scout gets in trouble twice on the first day of school. What does she do to get in trouble? She can read and she tells the teacher about the Cunninghams.
Why won’t Walter Cunningham take Miss Caroline’s money? His family doesn’t take anything they can’t afford.
What do the Cunningham’s do when they cannot pay for a service? They pay back with food they grow in their farm, cook, or give items they make.
How do people of Maycomb “seal” contracts and deals? They spit in their hands and shake each other’s hands.
What happens to scout when she tells Miss Caroline about the Cunningham family? Miss Caroline slaps her hand and makes her stand in a corner.

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