Who is telling us this story? Scout
Where does this take place? (City and state) Maycomb, AL
How does the narrator describe her hometown? Nothing to do Run down Tired
What is Jeremy Atticus Finch better know as? Jen
What happened to the Scout’s mother ? Died of a heart attack
What does Atticus do for a living? Lawyer
Who is Calpurnia? The Finch’s housekeeper
Describe Calpurnia Old Black Nearsighted
Who is Dill? Mrs. Rachel’s nephew
Where is Dill from? Meridian
Why is Dill in Maycomb county? He came to stay with his Aunt Rachel for the summer
What do you think happened to Dill’s father? He left the family.
Describe the Radleys Hermits
What do Scout, Jem, and Dill think of Boo Radley? They think that he is crazy
What does Dill dare Jem to do? Touch the Radley house
Who takes Scout to school the first day? Jem
How does Atticus get Jem to take Scout to school? Atticus pays him.
What does Jem say to Scout on the way to school that upsets her To leave him alone during school
Who is Miss Caroline? Scout’s teacher
Describe Miss Caroline Young Auburn hair No more than 21Pink cheeks
How does Scout feel after her first day at school? She doesn’t like it
What does Miss Caroline want Atticus to do? Not teach scout to read
How does Scout already know how to read? Cal taught her
Why do you think miss Caroline has a problem with Atticus teaching Scout how to read? It interferes with her teaching
What is the situation with Walter Cunningham? He has no lunch
How does Mr. Cunningham pay Atticus back? With food
Is Mr. Cunningham paying Atticus back with food, fair? Yes
What is Scout’s punishment for trying to help Walter? 6 smacks to the hand with a ruler and time out in the corner
Why does the class laugh at scout getting in trouble? They didn’t take Miss Caroline seriously

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