To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 1-11 Test

Miss Maudie a neighbor whose house burned
Nathan Radley Boo’s brother
Burris Ewell His hair was infested with “cooties”
Dill he was from Meridian, Mississippi and was “engaged” to Scout
Miss Caroline Scout’s first grade teacher
Calpurnia the Finch’s housekeeper and cook
walk in their skin trick that Atticus taught Scout about getting along with people
spelling medal one thing the children found in the hollow of the tree
locking the deputy in the court outhouse the original “crime” that caused Boo Radley to be locked up in his house
putting note in window with fishing pole one method children used to get Boo to come out
misbehaving children Mr. Avery said this caused the unusual weather
Boo Radley put the blanket around Scout’s shoulders during the fire
Walter Cunningham Jem invites him home for dinner
cooties scare and shock Miss Caroline on the first day of school
Wrigley’s Doublemint gum the first gift that appears in the hollow of the tree
Dill Who said his father was the president of the L & N Railroad?
snow frightens Scout one morning
Tom Robinson the man Atticus is going to defend
air rifles Jem and Scout’s Christmas presents from Atticus
cursing Scout’s new habit that bothers Uncle Jack
Scout narrator of the story
The Radley’s Superstition causes the children to be afraid of which family’s house?
she can read and write Scout is unusual for a first grader because
just the first day How much time do the Ewell children spend in school?
The Ewell family One of the poorest, least educated families in Maycomb
perform plays about the Radley family What activity do Dill, Scout and Jem frequently like to play with respect to the Radley family?
sneak into the Radley yard and try to peak into a window What do Jem, Dill and Scout do that causes Mr. Radley to shoot at them?
he called Atticus a very bad name Why does Scout almost get into a fight with Cecil Jacobs?
She punches him in the mouth Aunt Alexandra’s grandson, Francis, call Atticus a “n-word lover”; how does Scout react?
a mockingbird because they don’t do anything but sing and never hurt anything When Jem and Scout get their air guns, what does Atticus tell them it is a sin to shoot?
Seeing a task or goal through, even when all odds are against you What does the white camellia begin to represent in this chapter 11?
Atticus’s perseverance with Tom Robinson’s case The theme of this passage in Chapter 11 connects to the theme of what conflict?
His role is putting down the mob that wants to lynch Tom Robinson Atticus’ role in shooting the rabid dog best foreshadows what future role that he will assume?
parallels in the novel Both Atticus and Scout fighting communal tradition and Tom and Boo being ostracized.
To maintain his conscience and his integrity What is the best reason for why Atticus accepts a case that he knows he will lose?
Boo Radley and Tom Robinson Which two characters are the “outcasts” of the novel, maligned and put down by Maycomb society?
The loss of childhood pleasures and the transition to adulthood responsibilities Mr. Radley’s plugging up the knot-hole best symbolizes which of the following?
Introduce the reader to the various families, as well as their peculiarities The school setting in the second chapter allows the author, Harper Lee, to
reasons for the author’s choice of a young narrator To allow the story to be presented by someone who cannot take an active role.To remove moral bias from the story.To allow the narrator to mature as the story progresses.
Tie each of the individual characters to their family and history The first chapter focuses on telling stories. This primarily serves to

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