To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 9 Review

What did Jem and Scout get for Christmas? Each child got an air gun and Jem got an chemistry set
What was the name of Atticus’s new client? Tom Robinson.
What did Francis want for Christmas? Knee pants, red leather backpack, five shirts, and an untied bow tie.
How did Scout try to get out of going to school? She paid a kid to rub his ringworm on her. She had tried to be sick, or at least pretend to be.
Why was Atticus called “N—- lover”? Because he was defending Tom Robinson
What is meant by “I drew a bead on him”? She waited until he was sweating with fear.
Who is Rose Aylmer? Uncle Jack’s cat.
Who is Francis? Scout’s annoying cousin.
Why did Scout try to beat up Francis and what was his excuse, claiming he did not start it? Francis was making fun of Atticus, then blamed it on Scout, saying she called him a “w**e lady” and jumped on him.
Who accused Tom Robinson, Atticus’s client? The Ewells.
What did Uncle Jack do to Scout after the fight? He smacked her.
Why was Scout mad at Uncle Jack? Because he didn’t listen to her side of the story (regarding the fight). Uncle Jack felt bad about not hearing Scout out, and she said he didn’t understand children
Why was Atticus angry with Uncle Jack? Because he didn’t explain to Scout what the bad word meant, “w***e lady.”
Who gave Atticus Finch Tom Robinson’s case? John Taylor

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