To Kill a Mockingbird (Chapter 9 Questions)

Why was Scout so upset with Cecil Jacobs? Cecil Jacobs “announced to the schoolyard that Scout Finch’s daddy defends ******s”.
How does Scout initially respond to Cecil Jacobs’ actions? Scout got very upset and almost fought with him.
What does Atticus mean when he tells Scout, “Don’t say ‘******’, Scout. That’s common”? It shows that Atticus has respect for everyone.
What job did Atticus take, and why are people saying mean things about it? Atticus is defending a black man in court. People may be saying mean things about him because they live in a very racist town.
What advice did Atticus give to Scout about dealing with people who say hurtful things? He told Scout to “Hold your head high and keep those fists down.” (Chapter 9, Pg 176)
Does Scout attempt to follow heed her father’s advice? Why or why not? Scout walked away from a budding fight between her and Cecil Jacobs. She did this because she did not want to let Atticus down.
If Atticus has very little chance of winning the case, then why does he still agree to represent Tom Robinson? He represents him because Atticus wouldn’t be able to hold his head up in public and he would lose the credibility of what he tells Jem and Scout what to do and what not to do.
Where does Atticus’ family go each Christmas? Who all is there? They go to Finch’s landing each Christmas. Jack Finch, Alexandra Finch and her husband, Francis, and Atticus’s family.
How is Francis related to Scout? How does she feel about him? Explain, providing evidence Francis is Scout’s nephew. She doesn’t really like him. “I had already begun to think of shooting Francis”(Lee106).
Why does Scout insist on swearing so often? How is it a part of a larger plan? Is the plan working? Why or why not? Scout has picked it up from school. If Atticus finds that she’s been learning these words from school, he won’t make her go. It doesn’t work: Uncle Jack pulls her aside and tells her to not swear.
In this chapter, there are several references made to what “boys should do” and “girls should do.” Find examples of this, and explain whether or not this is a similar expectation today. “I could not possibly hope to be a lady if I wore breeches; when I said I could do nothing in a dress, she said I wasn’t supposed to be doing things that required pants”(Lee 108). This stereotype sometimes applies to girls, the word ‘girly’ includes dolls, dresses and feminine things, but the ‘boyish’ adjective normally relates to trucks, superheroes and more masculine objects.
What does Francis say about Dill? What ideas does he say about Atticus? Francis says that Dill is a little runt, being passed from relative to relative. Francis says that Atticus is a ‘******-lover’ and that he is ruining the family.
Is Atticus optimistic that he can win the case? Ah or why not? No because on pg 100 it says ” its Tom Robinson word against the ewells . It’s like saying it a white person vs a black person. Also everyone in the jury is white so they have a upper advantage because maycomb has a lot of racism.
What is Maycomb usual disease? What does Atticus mean when he says he hopes he can get jet and scout through the case without catching the disease? The disease is racism. Atticus means after this case whether he wins or loses he doesn’t want scout and Jem to become racist.
Why did Atticus want scout to hear every word that he told jack He doesn’t want to let down her dad so if she heard every word she will try her best to not become racist
What does Francis say about Dill? About Atticus? Francis says that Dill is weird. He also says that Atticus is a “******-lover”.
Where is Francis likely to get his ideas about Atticus? Why is this worth noting? He most likely gets his ideas from Aunt Alexandra. This is notable because Aunt Alexandra is Atticus’s sister and she is saying rude things about him and his job.
Why is Scout so angry when uncle Jack holds her accountable for starting the fight with Francis? What does Jack learn as a result? When Scout is explaining the problem with Francis to Aunt Alexandra, Uncle Jack hears her quote what Francis commented about Atticus and Scout. Uncle Jack scolds Scout for saying bad words, although it is not Scout’s fault.
When Jack and Atticus talk, what does Atticus say he wants Scout to learn? Why is he more concerned about her than Jem where this in concerned? “Scout’s got to learn to keep her head and learn soon, with what’s in store for her these next next few months.”(Lee 9, p. 116)

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