To Kill a Mockingbird-Chapter 9

Why does Scout want to fight Cecil Jacobs? he said Atticus defends “******s”
Why does Atticus defend Tom Robinson? because of self-respect
What does Atticus tell Scout about the people in Maycomb? they will still be friends no matter how bitter they get
What does Scout do to Cecil the next day at school? she walks away from him because of what Atticus told her
What does Christmas mean for Scout and Jem? a visit from Uncle Jack and Aunt Alexandra
What does Uncle Jack bring Scout and Jem for Christmas? two long packages-air rifles; Atticus does not want to teach them to shoot
Where do Scout and Jem go for Christmas? they go down to Finch’s Landing
Who is Scout’s cousin? Francis
What does Aunt Alexandra want Scout to act like? a lady
What does Francis say to Scout? he quotes Aunt Alexandra; calling Atticus a “****** lover”
What does Scout do to Francis? Scout beats up Francis; tells Uncle Jack her side of the story later
What does Atticus say to Uncle Jack? things will get harder because of the case and he wants his kids to come to him with questions
What was Scout meant to overhear? the conversation between Atticus and Uncle Jack about the case
What was Uncle Jack’s cats name? Rose Aylmer

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