To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 9

Explain why Scout was ready to fight Cecil Jacobs? Cecil accuses Scout’s father for defending a negro
How does Scout try to get out of going to school Acted like she was dizzy, gastric complaints, tried to get Ringworm
Who is Tom Robinson and how is he connected to Atticus, Scout and Jem Tom Robinson is being defended by Atticus Finch, he goes to church with Calpurnia
What is Tom Robinson accused of doing Raping a White Woman
Who is Cousin Ike Finch Maycomb’s sole surviving Confederate Solider
Who are Aunt Alexandra and Uncle Jack The brother and sister to Atticus
What odd gesture does Uncle Jack do to Atticus Uncle Jack kisses Atticus on the check.
What is Uncle Jack’s profession Uncle Jack is a Doctor
Identify Scout’s bad behavior that concerns Uncle Jack and Atticus Scout is cussing
What gift do Jem and Scout receive for Christmas They are given rifles for Christmas.
Describe Finch Landing; what is it pg. 106
How does Scout describe Francis? “like settling at the bottom of the ocean”The most boring child she had ever meet
What does Scout discover about Dill He has no parents and he is shipped from one Aunt/Uncle to the next.
How does Scout react to Francis calling her father a “negro-lover” Scout punches Francis in the face.

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