To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 9

Why does Cecil Jacobs make fun of Atticus at school? In his next case , he is defending a black person.
At the beginning of the chapter, how does Scout try to find a way around the compromise he made with Atticus? Although everybody at school says the word “n****r”, Atticus does not approve of it, so Scout asks him why he should send her to school if he doesn’t want her learning bad words.
Who is the person that Atticus is defending? Who is he in relation to Calpurnia? Tom RobinsonHe goes to the same church to which Calpurnia goes.
According to Atticus, what is special about the case that he currently has? Why? It is the one case every lawyer gets that affects him personally.This is a case where he is defending a black man against his friends and neighbors. So, he is not going to win, but he has to do his best in order to sustain his self-respect.
Who is Cousin Ike Finch? the only Confederate veteran in Maycomb County who survived.
Why does Scout decide not to fight Cecil Jacobs at school? Atticus said that even though he is against their friends in the case, they are still their friends.
Who comes over every Christmas? Uncle Jack
Who is Uncle Jimmy? Aunt Alexandra’s husband
Who is Henry? Aunt Alexandra’s son
Who is Francis? Henry’s son and Scout’s cousin
What does Scout find weird in the relationship between Uncle Jack and Atticus? They are the only men to kiss each other.
What does Scout like about Uncle Jack in regards to his occupation? He is the only doctor who does not scare her.Uncle Jack always tells Scout what he is going to do and distracts her to reduce the pain.
Who is Rose Aylmer? Uncle Jack’s cat
Why does Uncle Jack become upset with Scout? Scout using bad words is not lady-like
According to Uncle Jack, when is the only time someone should use a bad word? when it is relating to something of extreme provocation
What does Uncle Jack get Scout and Jem for Christmas? What else does Jem get, and what does Scout want to do with it? air riflesJem also gets a chemistry set, and Scout wants to use it to write a letter to Dill in invisible ink
Where do Scout and Jem go every Christmas? Finch Landing
What does Francis get for Christmas? a pair of knee-pants, a red leather bootsack, five shirts, and an untied bow tie
What does Aunt Atticus not like about Scout’s attire? It is not lady-like.
Aunt Alexandra says Scout should be a “_____ in her father’s lonely life”. ray of sunshine
By what is Scout bothered during Christmas dinner? When she tells Atticus about it, how does he respond? While Jem and Francis get to sit at the “big table”, Scout still has to sit at a different table.Atticus says that he cannot do anything about it because they are the guests and that Aunt Alexandra does not understand girls.
What is Aunt Alexandra going to teach Francis? how to cook
According to Francis, with whom does Dill live? He keeps getting passed from relative to relative, and he lives with Miss Rachel for the summer.
What does Francis say that sparks a flame in Scout? He calls Atticus a “n****r-lover”
When Scout chases Francis, where does Francis hide? the kitchen
What does Scout do to Francis before she leaves Finch Landing? She hits him.
Why does Scout tell Uncle Jack that she hates him. He does not let her say her side of the story.
How does Atticus respond when Uncle Jack says that he did not answer Scout’s question of what a “w**re-lady” is. You should still tell children the meaning of such words, but do it without making a production of it.
What does Atticus say about children in his conversation with Uncle Jack at the end of the chapter? – they can spot evasions- overtime, children learn that saying bad words is not attractive
According to Atticus, what is “Maycomb’s usual disease”? going crazy with everything that has to do with a black person

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