To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 9-10

Why does Scout get into a fight with Cecil Jacobs? Because Cecil Jacobs announces in the schoolyard that Scout Finch’s daddy defends n*****s
What is Atticus about to do which places his honor in jeopardy? Atticus is going to defend a black man by the name of Tom Robinson
Does Atticus except to win this case? Why or why not? No, Atticus was picked by a judge to defend Tom Robinson, he told Scout that he has to or else it wouldn’t be right for Atticus’s children to still obey him.
When Cecil Jacobs taunts Scout in the schoolyard a second time, how does she respond? Why does she respond this way? She closes her fists and walks away. She doesn’t want to disappoint Atticus
What gift does Uncle Jack give the children? Air Rifles
What new habit has Scout picked up that bothers Uncle Jack? Why does it bother him? She uses bad language and curses, he says young ladies shouldn’t be talking like that.
What does Cousin Francis tell Scout about Dill’s some life? Says that he hasn’t got a home, lives in Meridian, he gets passed around from relative to relative,Rachel keeps him every summer
Why does Scout fight her cousin after the Christmas dinner at Finch’s Landing? The cousin says Atticus is ruining the family name and is a n***** lover, calls Dill a runt
What is Macomb’s “usual disease”? Racism and prejudice. Atticus coined the phrase.
What does Scout wish were different about Atticus? He had something to make him stand out; a hobby wishes he was younger.
What does Atticus say about mockingbirds? What does this mean? It is a sin to kill a mockingbird. You shouldn’t kill one because they have done nothing wrong.
What does Atticus do that makes him a hero to his children? he shoots the mad dog.
Who is Heck Tate? Sheriff of Maycomb
What is Atticus’ old nickname? “one-shot finch” used to be an excellent shooter.
What does Miss Maudie tell Scout about why Atticus doesn’t go hunting anymore? When he realized his talent gave him an advantage over other living things, so he decided not to shoot unless he has to.

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